2021 Jodi Wishes: Swara-Sonam, Tiger-Hrithik, Varun-Sid?

Get ready to really struggle! I’m gonna make this a hard and fast “you can only pick one” just to see which comes to the top.

Which Jodi do you most want to see in 2021?


Best friends off-screen, never lovers onscreen. But how great would it be if they were!

Sonam Kapoor: Swara Bhaskar: Sonam Kapoor is a better friend to me than I'm  to her | Hindi Movie News - Times of India


War sequel! Tiger is alive!!! Lovers reunited with even more angst and longing glances!

War: Hrithik Roshan, Who Went To Same Gym As 'Plump' Tiger Shroff, Didn't  Know He Was A Fan


SOTY together again! Mature now, ready to acknowledge their sexuality.

Student of the Year FanFic! Let's Make it All GAY! | dontcallitbollywood

Of all these couples, WHICH DO YOU WANT MOST????

Gotta go Swara-Sonam. I feel like it’s the only one we haven’t really had yet.


22 thoughts on “2021 Jodi Wishes: Swara-Sonam, Tiger-Hrithik, Varun-Sid?

    • And I love Swara Sonam and I want them to be the leads in their own movie! so there’s that too.

      On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 1:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. If this is me you’re talking to, the answer is obvious. Sid/Varun. I’ve needed it so desperately since I watched SOTY. It doesn’t even have to be a “sequel”, just some kind of good old fashioned DDLJ style romcom but gay and not SMZS and Sid/Varun loving on each other for two hours. I need it.


    • Absolutely!!! And I DO want it to be a SOTY franchise, and I want Sid and Varun to be the two new teachers hired to work at St. Xaviers, and they can start by being rivals, and then become friends, and then fall in love, and then form a little family with their favorite students who become their surrogate children.

      On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 10:39 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I mean, as long as it’s a romcom starring Sid and Varun, I’ll watch it. So that’s good with me. Varun is the music teacher. Sid is economics. Rivalry over which subject is more “valuable” to the curriculum but then they teach each other about why music/economics is interesting/has value, and they also bond over students they both have and do some kind of cross-curricular thing that probably doesn’t make much sense but they fall in love anyway.


        • No, this totally makes sense! There’s a group of troubled kids who want to start a band, Varun encourages them, Sid discourages them because real freedom is economic (abused rich kids need the ability to live independent of their parents, scholarship kids need a future once school is over). But then the kids ask Sid’s help creating an economic’s class project on how to make being in a band profitable, and Sid and Varun start working together managing them, and in the end Sid and Varun are in love and all the cute little band kids have become their surrogate family.

          On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 10:58 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • This could also totally be one of those things where the whole reason the kids come up with this project is to try to set their teachers up. Varun and Sid are their favorite teachers, and it ends up being known that both are gay, maybe because they get so comfortable with the kids that they’re already forming a little family so the kids think such great people can’t be lonely so they try to get them to fall in love. Cue project, which forces Varun and Sid to work together because Sid doesn’t know music and Varun is bad with money, but they want the best for their kids so they have to collaborate to get the most out of it. They can’t find any common ground, but they bond over things that all teachers struggle with, and behaviors of kids that are common in both classes. Varun tries to show Sid how to play guitar, and it doesn’t go well since Sid doesn’t have callouses on his fingers, but they’re so close together that it’s sexual tension. Sid takes Varun to whatever the Indian equivalent of Wall Street is and tries to explain the stock market, and Varun doesn’t understand any of it, but he listens raptly with a smile because Sid is so passionate about it and he could listen to Sid talk about anything.

            And then scheming college kids try to force moments between them. They break the copy machine in one of the buildings so whoever’s building it is has to go make copies somewhere else and “run into” the other guy. Scheduling office hours at the same time on purpose so everyone has to collaborate. They invite Sid and Varun to go out clubbing, because they’re hip and young but still a little out of the loop with what the kids are into, so they go but end up hanging back away from the kids and acting more like chaperones, chatting and eventually dancing and having plenty of ~moments~.


          • YES! All of this! And especially the clubbing, I want a big silly youthful song with Sid and Varun kind of awkwardly standing int he corner, and then at the end of it being dragged in to join the dance.

            On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 3:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • It’s gotta be a combination of Vele from SOTY1 and Gori Gori from Main Hoon Na. This whole plot feels very Main Hoon Na to me.


    • Swara-Sonam, strangers who spark or best friends who wake up and realize they are in love? What’s your preference?

      On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 12:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I kind of want them to be archetypes of what they are in real life. Swara being a feminist on Twitter, not really a famous person, seeing Sonam, a rich business person, as a brat who’s had everything handed to her. Sonam being kind of bratty, but also understanding that women’s causes are important and quietly advancing them. They’ve had some internet-clashes before, but nothing major, just enough to let them think that they don’t really get along and will never understand the other. Swara gets into an argument with someone on Twitter about the gender wage gap and is shocked when, out of nowhere, Sonam backs her up, with great, well thought-out points. She texts her to say thanks, Sonam says it’s not a problem and they slowly get to talking and texting each other.

        But the ending still eludes me. It needs some conflict, but what?


        • I think there has to be an external conflict, like they meet through the twitter war, and then come together to fight for some common cause, like proving that a misogynist producer is Evil. And through the hijinks and scams and stuff as they fight the producer, they realize they are in love. With a slight misunderstanding at the end when Swara’s ex shows up and Sonam thinks she is still in love with her, but then it all works out.

          Who is Swara’s ex?


          • Yes! This gives me some Yes Boss vibes and I love it! How about Bhumi as the ex? She’s so similar to Swara, Sonam might think her and Swara are too different to work. But it’s the opposite! Bhumi and Swara are too similar to work!


          • YES! I like it!!! How about, Swara and Sonam meet up in real space after meeting in virtual space. Coincidentally, while they are having their coffee meeting (which is stiff and awkward because they are both overwhelmed with physical attraction and don’t know how to handle it), they overhear a meeting between a male producer and an evil businessman. It’s proof that there is an evil plot for an American company to take over a family studio that is owned and run by a woman. Swara and Sonam both immediately are horrified and ready to do anything to stop this devious plan. Lots of hijinks and dressing up and spying and stuff, and then they are overwhelmed by attraction and kiss while hiding in a closet together. But don’t really get a chance to talk about what that means because they are separated right after, and just as they are about to come together and talk about things, Bhumi shows up and Sonam gets confused and jealous. Oh OH!!!! Bhumi is the head of the studio!!!! Sonam doesn’t realize until after all of this that she and Swara used to date and now she thinks the only reason Swara was so committed and such a great partner was because she still loved Bhumi.

            Swara is trying to convince herself she is in love with Bhumi too, since Sonam never really made sense as a girlfriend, and Bhumi is so logical for her. Big party, with Bhumi and Swara together, but Bhumi sees Swara and Sonam dance together and realizes they are in love and don’t know it. So she takes Sonam aside and explains this whole “Swara and I wanted to believe we were in love, but we don’t have what she has with you, and what I hope to have someday with someone.” And then Sonam and Swara get together.

            Total fantasy ending tag, do we see Angelina Jolie show up as a new American corporate partner and obviously has an immediate chemistry with Bhumi. Or Kristine Stewart? Or, alternatively, Taapsee!

            On Fri, Jan 1, 2021 at 6:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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          • For some reason, I can’t reply to the long comment, so I’ll reply to this one! This can be a really cool homage to late-90s, early 2000s movies (and I realized the movie I was thinking of was ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani’, not ‘Yes Boss’, so oops). Let’s throw in an ideal mentor couple there as well. Inspired by the item song post, let’s make them Sonali and Vidya! Vidya gives Sonam tips on how to impress Swara, Sonali does the same for Swara, except the tips are all wrong and they have no idea that each of them are giving advice to the person the other’s mentee is into! Swara, inspired by Sonali, tries wearing a saree and fails miserably. Sonam tries to swear once and it’s just weird and awkward. Of course, everyone finds out in the end and it’s happy!

            I really like the boss being Angelina, but with Bhumi, I feel like Kristin is a better fit, so let’s have that. And both Bhumi and Kristin can have their separate entrances with all the background music and slo-mo, showing they are a Big Deal. And when Kristin enters, Bhumi is just all *heart eyes, heart eyes*.

            We also have an end-credits song a la Bhangra Ta Sajda, with Sonam, Vidya, and Bhumi on one sides and Swara, Sonali, and Kristin on the other.

            Actually, a small change. Bhumi tells Swara that clearly, Sonam and her are meant to be together and Swara finally gets it and rushes to Sonam with roses, because she thinks that’s what Sonam likes. And as she’s giving this huge speech, Sonam keeps tearing up and while Swara is trying to comfort her, Sonam ends up snapping that ‘of course I love you, but I’m crying because I’m allergic to roses. Can you PLEASE throw them away?’ and Swara does and then KISS!


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