Happy Place Post: Shashi Vs Shahrukh In 11 Categories

DCIB is your happy place. The world can be confusing and crazy and strange, but we are a little bubble of joy. And today, to bring you extra bubble joyfulness, I am going to challenge us all to rank the two Best Men against each other in multiple categories.

Slashfic Fan Videos


“I Do”


SRK with that dimple smile! | Shahrukh khan, Shahrukh khan and kajol, Actors
Shashi Kapoor 81st Birth Anniversary: Top 10 most memorable dialogues of  the legendary actor | Celebrities News – India TV


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Chemistry with Jaya

Celebrity Wallpapers: Shahrukh Khan Jaya Bachchan Wallpaper HD k3g
Remembering Shashi Kapoor: 1938-2017


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Love for Wife

Welcome To ShahRukh Khan News Blog (unofficial) :::: Shah Rukh, Gauri's  circle of love
Autographe - Shashi and his wife Jennifer Kendal | Shashi kapoor, Old film  stars, Bollywood couples


Handsome hero, passionate filmmaker: The many legends of Shashi Kapoor -  bollywood - Hindustan Times
old pic | Shahrukh khan, Smile pictures, Indian celebrities


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Shashi Kapoor 80th birth anniversary: Rare and unseen moments of the legend  - IBTimes India


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Ready for my choices?

Slashfic: Shashi. It’s just a better video.

Dimples: Shahrukh. Objectively better.

Eyes: Shashi. There’s a depth there nothing can match

Jaya: Shahrukh. He really feels mother-son with her.

Chest: Shashi. HAIR!

Dancing: Shahrukh. Sorry Shashi, you just aren’t that good.

Love for wife: Shashi. No romance can live up to Shashi-Jennifer

Smile: Shashi. It feels like his face is bursting open with joy.

Tuxedo: Shahrukh. He’s just better.

Sweater: Shahrukh. The man can wear clothes!

Drag: Shahrukh. He’s a prettier woman, although Shashi is a prettier man.

Okay, I am overall SRK! But it was really REALLY close.

What’s your votes?

27 thoughts on “Happy Place Post: Shashi Vs Shahrukh In 11 Categories

  1. Shashi is beautiful, no matter if he’s dancing in a sweater with his wife, or whatever. SRK isn’t beautiful, he’s sexy. That’s all a man needs for my vote.

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  2. Actually, I do too. But it may be a matter of the styles of the times rather than talent. Both had/have a certain center of attention quality, you can’t look away. But Shah Rukh is fundamentally aware that he’s part of a cast. Shashi can’t seem to get out of his own way. I’ve seen all of SRK’s films, I believe, and only a few of Shashi’s, so I might be speaking out of turn.

    I have a tedency to categorize by sustained performances. There are supremely competent actors like SRK, Amitabh, and Kajol. And then there are the untouchable greats like Sri Devi and Irrfan. Others, like Aamir Khan, Suriya, Madhuri, Rajkumar Rao, and more can fall into either category at times.

    I could explain my theory better at the DCIB happy place. But I can’t help stealing glances at the TV at the same time. Sorry.


  3. Although I’m strongly biaised (or loyal??? 😉 ) towards ShahRukh, I also admit – like Anonymous – the glaring similarity in their similar looking.
    Still, it’s only the first video that I give to Sashi because it doesn’t focus on only one aspect…nevertheless both show an important difference: ShahRukh has a naughty kind of sexiness Shashi doesn’t have (imo).

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  4. I was too busy reading newspapers checking for new stories every 20 minutes to check into DCIB much this week. But now that nothing new will be reported in 20 minutes I can play catch up! I agree with most of your assessments. However, this is a better SRK video:


      • I never heard of slashfic until this blog so I’ll let you decide. BUT between the two you posted, Sashi’s wins hands down. Where as between this one and that, it is more of a challenge. Has Sashi ever had a song written about him?


  5. Slashfic: no vote, can’t watch the videos right now

    Dimples: Shah Rukh

    Eyes: Shashi. Oh my god, those eyes. How could anyone ever remember what they were going to say when they were around him. I’d just be staring/trying not to stare.

    Jaya: no vote, different types of chemistry so can’t compare

    Chest: Shashi. HAIR! (you said it, Margaret!)

    Dancing: Shahrukh.

    Love for wife: no vote, hard to say from the outside

    Smile: Tied. They both have extraordinary smiles, and when genuinely smiling, they both lose control of their face in a very charming way. All parts are smiling.

    Tuxedo: Shahrukh.

    Sweater: Shashi all day. Love the thigh convo with Popka–my reasons might be similar.

    Drag: no vote, can’t watch videos right now.

    I’m tied, I think. Not a surprising result.


    • Indeed, you are tied!!! And do you know the story about Sharmila having to ask for Shashi to leave the set? On one of her first movies, he stopped by to chat with a friend on set, and she couldn’t remember her lines or speak because Shashi was too distracting, she had to ask the director to ask him to leave.

      I VEHEMENTLY disagree with your sweater vote!!! Shahrukh is the Sweater KING and I will hear nothing else!!!!

      On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 11:46 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • I have not heard that story. I’m so not surprised! Even as an older, heavier man, he was something special.

        What can I say, I like Shah Rukh in fitted clothes. His “idea of a shirt” type stuff from JHMS for example.

        The one exception is the fluffy robe in the picture I won (I think for most comments in a week?), where he is asking us to lie down with him and have a whiskey.

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        • I love that whiskey poster picture!!!! It was my Christmas gift to all my friends a few years back, and I couldn’t believe it when a few of them didn’t want it! Even if you don’t know who Shahrukh is, wouldn’t you still love that poster?

          On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 11:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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