Rank A Star is Born Song Videos! Because I’m Feeling Judy-y

A Star is Born!!! Remade 4 times in America, and twice in India! But which has the absolute best song videos?

This started because I was driving over to my apartment super early this morning, without coffee, and my ipod hit on a Judy Garland song. And then I started thinking “is anyone as good as Judy at torch songs?” And I think the answer is “no”, but you can disagree!

I’m gonna go ahead and rank these because I am the Queen and I can. And then you can disagree in the comments. I hope you will!!! All of these are so amazing, it makes me happy to talk about the,

First, best, always, Judy’s “The Man that Got Away”. What is there to say? It starts with Judy’s voice, and then the directing is a deceptively simple structure around her.

Arijit Singh, “Tum Hi Ho” Kissing under the coat is iconic, and this is the song that made us all know Arijit is a talent for the ages, something really special.

Lady Gaga, “Shallow”. Confession: I haven’t seen the actual movie. But I have watched this music video!!! And it’s got that great “sudden special talent bursting forth” magic feel to it, plus crazy chemistry. And it’s just a good song, and Lady Gaga’s voice is special.

Kishoreda and Lataji, “Tere Mere Milan ki”. I just can’t resist the Amitabh-Jaya chemistry!!!!

Barbra, “Evergreen”. Again, haven’t actually seen the movie. And honestly, the song isn’t great. But it’s still a good video just because the chemistry is so good!!!! They are so smilely! It’s great.

Okay, fight for Barbra! Or whichever version I put too low down, you think. Or tear down poor Arijit because you think he is too high.

10 thoughts on “Rank A Star is Born Song Videos! Because I’m Feeling Judy-y

  1. Yes, Judy is the Queen of the Torch, but way too raw. Makes me nervous. I pick Barbra and Evergreen. She looked great in the film, maybe a little too plastic. Kris was at his handsomest then, and despite some pretty raunchy dissipation, has aged well. Barbara, on the other hand, is tucked to death. I LIKED her face and bet it’s even more arresting now. If she’d only kept it.
    As for all-time torchiest: Edith Piaf, Je ne regrette rien, and Billie, My Man.


    • I had no idea how handsome Kris Kristofferson was! It doesn’t come through in stills at all, and I hadn’t seen him in a film before.

      Agree about Judy and rawness. She just does not hold anything back when she sings.

      On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 12:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. There is also this telugu version of Aashiqui 2 so we have at least 3 Indian remakes. But does this movie counts if it’s scene-to-scene copy of Aashiqui 2?

    Here’s telugu version of Tum Hi Ho from the remake sang by Arjit:

    And here Tum Hi Ho in telugu from the original movie sang by some other guy (it’s so complicated). The lyrics and the title are different from Arjit’s telugu version

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