Remake Ideas: Which Weird True Crime Story Would Make the Best Hindi Film? (featuring Sid M, Shahrukh, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, etc)

I am watching so much true crime! But, like, small true crime. Little hour long shows that just summarize mildly interesting local news stories, not big injustices or tragedies or stuff. And most of them have some crazy personal story at the center which is AWESOME.

Woman Secretly Collects Evidence Against Her Rapist Husband, Ends Up Married to Cop

This is a true story, and she really did end up married to a cop, but it isn’t necessarily the cop who investigated her husband. Obviously in my movie version, it will be.

Innocent young woman falls in love and marries a Navy officer, everything is happy. But then he starts acting angry and distant. She gets pregnant and decides to stick it out and try to be a perfect wife. But after the baby is born, she finds his rape kit, rope and a fake gun and a ski mask, and realizes it matches the local news stories. She calls the police who secretly come to her house and start working with her but tell her that isn’t enough evidence yet to arrest him. For months, she keeps living with her husband and secretly working with the police and gathering evidence. He is finally arrested at work and calls her to come post bond (thinking she is his sweet faithful loyal wife), which is when she confronts him in jail and reveals she has known all along!!! Ha-HA!!!! Oh, and somewhere along the line, obviously she and the police officer she is working with fall in love.

Wife: Sara Ali Khan

Police Officer: Sid M.

Evil Husband: Varun Dhawan

Are these Bollywood Dudes really this Dumb? How on Earth can anyone Justify  such stupidity? - TFIPOST
Obviously, lots of sexually charged interrogation scenes between Cop Sid and Husband Varun

Three Sons Turn in Their Father for Bank Robbery

Once again, TRUE STORY!!! And a local story, this all happened around the farming areas of IL.

Idyllic childhood, righteous loving present father, three well-raised sons. In adulthood, the oldest becomes a music teacher at the local high school, the next oldest is an engineer, and the youngest is a cop. But their loving respectable father is now out of work. He leans on them to loan him money, it causes issues in their three happy marriages, they can’t figure out what is happening with their Dad. And then one day, they see a photo in a local news article about a bank robber and realize THE ROBBER IS THEIR FATHER!!!! All three boys meet together and decide to confront him, the cop bringing his gun with him. They can’t find him at home and end up informing the local police, who track him down to a house out of town and arrest him. Which is also when his sons learn he has been having an affair and using the money he stole for drugs and women. !?!?!?!!!

Oldest Music Teacher: SRK

Middle Engineer: Hrithik

Youngest Cop: Sid M.

Corrupt Secretly Evil Robber Father: Jackie Shroff

Saintly Betrayed Mother: Neena Gupta

Evil Seductress Woman: Also Neena Gupta, Double-Role!!!

Watch Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta scratch an itch in this viral short  film - The Hindu
Evil Jackie and Neena!!!!

Serial Bigamist Caught By Grown-Up Child of His First Victim

Again, True Story!!! A young single mother meets a charming man and is swept off her feet. They marry and she moves into his house, which is when she discovers he has no visible means of support and might be mobbed up. She stays with him for a few years, but finally leaves him. The scars linger and she never fully trusts her judgement after that. Her daughter grows up, still angry at what this man did to her mother. So she goes on a campaign to track him down, learns he is a conman who has married and duped multiple women, and is now working on a new target, another single mother. She contacts the police and the new target and eventually manages to convince the new woman not to marry him, and also get him arrested. I’m thinking, in the Indian film version, the daughter should become a son, and he and the new target should fall in love.

Young/Old Single Mother: Juhi, she can totally play both 30 and 50 in the same movie

Young/Old Conman: Anil Kapoor, also can play both 30 and 50 in the same movie

Vengeful Son: Arjun Kapoor

New target Single Mom: Illeana D’Cruz

Anil Kapoor & Juhi Chawla reunite for Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga -  Film, Press Releases, Top Stories - The Asian Today Online
Absolutely believable as a couple of 30 year olds

5 thoughts on “Remake Ideas: Which Weird True Crime Story Would Make the Best Hindi Film? (featuring Sid M, Shahrukh, Jackie Shroff, Anil Kapoor, etc)

  1. I like the bigamist story and the cast. Will watch everything with Arjun and Ileana.

    The rape story is too dark. How she could live with the rapist husband? Or she was a very good actress or he was very stupid.

    Three sons is interesting as a real story, but I’m not sure if it’s enough filmi. Maybe because I thought about “August: Osage County” when I read the story. Man, it was such a boring movie.


    • The rape story is pretty dark, but I can’t think of a better way to do it. Thief/criminal makes our heroine too goodie goodie, and Foriegn Spy is just another dumb patriotism movie. Maybe assassin? Or thief/killer? He beats up his victims and also beats his wife?

      On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 4:43 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. The bigamy story but younger cast. Single mom: Deepika. Conman: Jim Sarbh. Daughter is like 12, just growing into a sense of the world and its injustices and learning that their situation might not be all her mom’s fault. New target: Konkona Sen Sharma, a successful professional – a job that would give her useful investigative skills but no glam, archivist maybe, or bad loans division of a bank – under pressure from her traditional parents to get married. She gets to be the hero, bring justice to Jim and heal the relationship between Deepika and her daughter. She ends up still unmarried but with a new found family.


    • I like it!!! And just to make it even better, let’s give Konkana a mildly abusive homelife. Not like super horrible, but like she is the poor relation orphan living with relatives and willing to marry partly just to escape. Meanwhile, after Jim Sarbh, Deepika picked herself up and started her life over again and ended up working as a housekeeper for a nice old man who left them his house. Maybe Dips is even trying to spin it to her daughter as “everything happened as it was meant to be, if Jim hadn’t taken all our money and abandoned us, I wouldn’t have gotten this housekeeper job, and we wouldn’t have ended up inheriting”. Obviously, the daughter isn’t going to go along with this “it’s fine, count our blessings” approach. And then at the end, Konkona can be living in the nice house with them and co-parenting the daughter while Dips takes care of both of them.

      On Sat, Jan 16, 2021 at 10:44 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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