Saturday WatchAlong Tomorrow Morning! 7:30am Chicago Time, Baar Baar Dekho!!!!

Woo-hoo! Sid week!!! And a Sid movie that I appreciate more and more as time goes on. Also, Katrina’s in it! And we really like her now too!

Baar Baar Dekho! Available on Prime in some places, and on einthusan in others. And we all get to watch it with our morning coffee before everyone else in our families is awake (in my case, that is Albie Dog).

I’ll put up a post a little before 7:30am, and then at 7:30 I will put up a “And PLAY!” comment to start us off. And then we will just keep commenting along! Yaaaay! Saturday morning WatchAlong!!!

4 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong Tomorrow Morning! 7:30am Chicago Time, Baar Baar Dekho!!!!

  1. I’ll be there at 8:30 New York time. For some reason l never saw the movie. Will try to comment.

    Just watched Vijay Sethupathi and Tamannaah in Dharma MBBS, a very
    good, very watchable film. Sethupathi is his amazing self and I think it’s Tamannaah’s best performance. It’s the story of a doctor from a small village whose brothers betray him horribly. He slides into rage and depression, loses everything, but she brings him back. It starts slow but then zips along, and is actually upbeat. I had to tell you and my DCIB buddies before I went back to work and then bed. It’s on


  2. Gahhh my morning appointment is taking longer than expected. And I made it for 6:15 am CT just to be on the safe side. I’ll be watching but might not start commenting until I can be on my computer. I’m annoyed because the beginning and end are my favorite parts of this movie. Most of the time I just fast forward through some of the middle parts!


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