Saturday WatchAlong: Baar Baar Dekho! Right Here at 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

Yaaaay, Baar Baar Dekho!!!! And also, Saturday morning watchalong! I’ve got coffee with whipped cream (because the store was out of cream-cream).

So excited to finally watch this with y’all!!!! I have been suggesting it for a watchalong FOREVER.

295 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Baar Baar Dekho! Right Here at 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

  1. In case you aren’t following this, in the divorce sequence 10 years later, Sid had a phone call with his friend and realized he was working at a fast food place. And now, 10 years earlier, he is telling chitra to find him there. So he worked at a fast food place FOR 10 YEARS!?!?!?

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    • He found out during this same sequence last time. During his wedding there were just hints that they might be broke/ not as financially successful as he claimed to be.


  2. See, this is my theory!!!! They jumped straight to “old married couple” when they were dating, so now as an actual “old married couple”, he is finally learning how to be romantic and date.

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    • Yes! It’s surprisingly good! Still some lost opportunities, I want more from his brother relationship, and some other things that weren’t explored as much as they could be. But the ultimate message that a “normal” day of being a parent and a family is the best moment of your life and the most important day is lovely.

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  3. I don’t think a shirt open to the waist under a jacket is a thing? But maybe I just don’t know traditional Indian Wedding Wear.


  4. Ahhhh. That was a nice movie! And now I am feeling a lot happier than when we started it, and ready to finish my Puzzle and watch Bridgerton while it snows all day.


  5. 9-year-old got off the couch and asked me when I am going to watch another movie with Shah Rukh Khan in it? Ah… Thanks for that watch a long. I think I’ll ignore the news today and go outdoors with the fam. Thanks again Margaret.

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  6. This was exactly what I needed today. Now I am in a happy, glowy space where I believe the best in the world and know that everything will work out fine if you just try to be a good person.

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