Laugh at Aamir Khan With Me!

This is a very silly little thing, but it made me giggle. And I thought, why not share a giggle with others?

So, some Indian sports team won some something or other against Australia yesterday. Shahrukh tweeted about it, Amitabh tweeted about it, even Karan Johar tweeted about it. Everyone was filled with joy and excitement, everyone was joined together in happiness.

And in the midst of all this joy and excitement, here is Aamir’s tweet:

HA! Oh AAMIR!!!!!! Everyone else at the party is talking about sports and being happy, and you just have to bring us down by talking about disabled children and art. Read the room!!!!

But of course, he can’t. He is all up in his head thinking about what he is thinking about and didn’t even realize there was a game last night. And now he feels out of it and awkward and probably wishes he hadn’t even said anything.

11 thoughts on “Laugh at Aamir Khan With Me!

  1. What’s exactly up with the match?I don’t follow sports but my feeds were inundated with cricket posts,most of them by Hindi cinema stars.


  2. I bet he deliberately tweeted against the “trend”. And: Empowering disabled people doesn’t bring me down at all. Why the hell should he feel awkward?


    • I don’t know if it’s that big. I just looked it up, they won a Test Series against Australia. Test Serieses are big deals, and Australia is a big rival, but it’s not the World Cup, or even a tournament, just two teams against each other. I would say more Subway Series White Sox versus Cubs.

      What I find kind of charming is that there is so little sports right now, everyone is I think even MORE excited than they would be normally. Like, Shahrukh and Amitabh would always have tweeted and been excited, but it wouldn’t be the first tweet SRK put out in weeks because he would have other stuff going on in his life.


  3. “other stuff”…maybe…this competition was exciting (in a time where excitement isn’t just a “matter of the day”) .. I’m happy for India and this win! As for Aamir…well…okay…it has to do with his movie and his personal interest…so, basically, nothing exciting 😉


  4. Amir gets on my last nerve. His reputation as an intellectual is undeserved; his movies are no better than many and he’s not fun to look at. Mpollak


    • Yeah, sometimes I feel like he is reaching to be relevant and Serious in his twitter. This time, I think he was just sincere, but so SO out of tune with the mood around him!!!


  5. Amitabh tweets exactly like you would expect a grandpa to tweet.
    KJo trying hard to fit in. He doesn’t know, understand or care about sports but apparently he felt he had to join in.
    SRK sticks to sports because he loves it but also because it’s the least controversial and most universal thing he can tweet about without getting everyone angry.
    Aamir’s counter-programming is probably deliberate to position himself as an intellectual unlike everyone else. He wouldn’t just post random things on the spur of the moment.


    • I don’t know if I see Aamir as deliberately counter-programming, he is announcing an event for a group he has worked with in the past that is happening today. I saw it as more coincidentally the one thing he is interested in is completely out of sync with everyone else today. Oh aamir.


  6. I like people who dare to be out of sync instead of delivering what is expected. By the way – he isn’t the only one amongst the fraternity who didn’t mention the win in his tweets.


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