Lesbian Awareness Post: Which Chak De Girl is the Hottest?

I am objectifying women, which I usually don’t like, but I am objectifying them through the Female Gaze, not the Male Gaze, so I think we are safe. Whatever, I never do Lesbian/Bi female posts! Give me at least one!!!

Whole Team Together

Chak De India Actually Revolutionized Hockey As A Sport In The Country.  Find Out How! - DesiMartini

I was gonna do everyone on the team, and then I realized that really there are only 6 girls that are qualified for “most sexy to the Female gaze” type. So I guess, this isn’t objectification!!!! I am asking you to look at the images, AND consider their personalities as shown in the film! It’s whole-person-i-fication, we are FINE.

Vidya, team Captain and Goalkeeper, mature and calm

Cool, ambitious, sophisticated Preety

Tough nasty bad Bindiya

Boyish short haired Komal who isn’t afraid of anything

Remember Chak De India's Haryanvi Girl Komal Chautala? She Can Beat Any  Bollywood Actress Now

Braided pierced dyed hair Aliya who just wants to get along with people

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Quick to anger and fight, protective, and all muscle Balbir

Balbir Kaur From Chak De India Has Transformed And Mesmerizing Now -  LaughingColours.com

Okay, if I am ranking in terms of sexiness-to-the-female-gaze, I would say:

  1. Bindiya. Bad girls, always hot
  2. Aliya. The braids!
  3. Komal. So boyish cute
  4. Preety. Ice Queen
  5. Vidya. Sweet, accomodating, mature
  6. Balbir. So protective!!!

I could be completely wrong of course. Educate me and disagree with me!!!! What are your votes?


8 thoughts on “Lesbian Awareness Post: Which Chak De Girl is the Hottest?

    • I feel like you are underselling Preety because you haven’t seen her character. And yes, you should watch the movie!!!!

      On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 1:14 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  1. Vidya is just perfect, even to the point that she has a perfect flaw that makes her not too perfect. Komal is irresistible. Aliyah is the surprise, sneaks up on you with her sulky charm. I’d pick Preety over Bindiya based on personality – they both have arrogance and a mean streak, but Bindiya is more manipulative. Balbir is the bruiser with the heart of gold.

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    • Finally an informed opinion!!! You are right about Vidya being perfect. I love that Shahrukh appreciates her for her leadership and moral qualities, nothing romantic. And that she isn’t even the best player necessarily, she is just steady, and that’s what he needs in a captain,

      On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 10:26 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Alright after watching the movie, I am going with the following order:
    Komal-Preeti (they are tied. I am not adding fuel to their feud especially since they just made peace)
    Balbir-Bindiya (they are tied too because they are both at the end of the day just all heart)

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