Chak De India Short FanFics, How Kabir Could End Up Married to Komal, Aliya, Bindiya, Preety, Vidya

Ha! You don’t think it can be done! But it can be done. Largely because all of these stories involve “and then Kabir’s Mom makes him marry her” at some point.

Kabir and Komal

(Komal is the cute little tomboy with short hair)

Top 50 Memorable Bollywood Characters: Komal Chautala from Chak De! India

Komal’s father is insisting she marry and stop playing, even though she has a chance to play on a professional team in Australia. She runs away to Shahrukh for help and he gets her to Australia. At which point her family tracks them down and is furious. Shahrukh’s mother gets involved and suggests that the best solution is for Komal and Shahrukh to get married. Yes they are different religions and ages and things, but better to be married than the shame of Komal living with a man without marriage. And this way Komal can pursue her dreams. Shahrukh agrees because his Mom tells him to, and because he can help Komal. Komal grows and explores in Australia, including starting a relationship with the (white) brother of one of her teammates. Shahrukh doesn’t judge or get involved, just asks her to call when she will be home late so he won’t worry. But then at some team event, Shahrukh is there and sees Komal’s new boyfriend judge her and pressure her to be more “feminine” and he stands up for Komal, saying if she feels most comfortable with short hair and in men’s shirts, she should wear them. Komal is suddenly out of love with the boyfriend and in love with her husband Shahrukh. She starts pushing to spend more time with him, offers to go grocery shopping and on errands with him while she is home. Invites him out to the movies and stuff with her. And then Komal gets her Australian Visa and Shahrukh suggests they can get divorced now. Komal protests, Shahrukh thinks she is just being polite, but agrees to save face by a one on one Hockey match. If Komal wins, they can stay married. But during the game, he starts flashing back on their year together and the audience realizes, at the same time he does, that they have fallen in love. Komal wins, and embraces and kisses him. Montage of kissing and a second marriage ceremony and then a shy “first night” with Shahrukh coming into the bedroom to see Komal in boxer shorts and an oversized t-shirt. And she overcomes his shyness by pouncing on him and saying “I know you missed that goal on purpose, now marry me already!!!

Kabir and Aliya

(Aliya is the cool smart dyed hair one)

Remember Aliya Bose From Chak De! India? Here's What She's Up To These Days

2 years later, Aliya is off the team because of an injury and her parents are pressuring her to get married now that she is retired as an athlete. They keep bringing her boys and she keeps rejecting them because she’s just not feeling it. Her parents are ready to tear their hair out when they take her to the wedding of one of her teammates and Shahrukh is there. Her parents are saying to her “what do you have in your mind? No groom is ever going to be completely perfect!” and then she spots Shahrukh across the room and realizes he is completely perfect. She approaches him at the wedding and pigeon holes him and traps him into a conversation. She even gets him to dance with her a little. And then the next day, she starts her plan of attack. Including reaching out to all her teammates for help. They each reach out to Shahrukh to ask him to meet for “advice” or to come to their birthday party or whatever, and each time Aliya is there too and they end up spending more and more time together getting to know each other. Shahrukh finally figures out what is happening and asks the other players what Aliya is up to. And they just smile and tell him to ask her. He finally does, and she says “ask your mother”. He goes home to ask his mother, and finds Aliya and her parents there having tea. Aliya went around him straight for the goal and had her parents bring the proposal to his mother. Shahrukh at first refuses strongly, but his mother pressures him into it, plus Aliya uses logic about how they like each other, they know each other, she can’t keep playing hockey any more but she could be a great support to him in his career as coach. He goes along with the wedding, but on the first night makes it clear that he can’t sleep with her until he loves her, he just doesn’t feel right. Aliya is frustrated at first, but then goes back to plans. She tries everything, makes his favorite food, wears a sari, takes him out clubbing, but he just keeps smiling and treating her like a friend. In misery, she finally gives up and tells him it’s okay, they can separate, she will take the blame, and then goes off to visit another teammate. Which is when Shahrukh starts missing her, and his Mom finally has to explain to him that “being happy just to see her face” is what being in love IS, and he has to go get his wife. Shahrukh rushes to the airport and stops her just as she is about to get on a plane, big running embrace and kiss, and then flashforward end credits montage where you see her happy and heavily pregnant and Shahrukh looking confused but happy.

Kabir and Bindiya

(the angry nasty one)

13 Years On, 'Chak De! India' Still Holds Magic As One Of Our Best Sports  Films

Two years after the team wins, Kabir meets Bindiya again at her engagement party. He congratulates her, and she awkwardly apologizes for being difficult, and he says “it’s okay, it’s who you are, there’s no reason to apologize. Friends?” They shake hands and she smiles. And then he notices some family discussion going on in the background of the party, culminating in Bindiya loudly saying “NO!” and finally he gets up and goes over to offer his help. Bindiya’s family is embarrassed and tries to brush it off, but Bindiya speaks up and says “My parents want to offer a dowry. I told them, if they offer it, I will call the police on all of them.” Shahrukh listens, and Bindiya’s mother starts to explain it is just a “gift” to “help” the young couple get their start, and then he cuts her off and says “And is the groom’s family giving such a gift as well? No, I didn’t think so. Bindiya is right, what you are doing is illegal. And she has not just the right, but the responsibility to say no.” The whole family is stunned into silence for a moment and in the middle of that Bindiya speaks up and says “Coach, can you take me away from here?” And Shahrukh says “yes, I’ll be out front in 5 minutes”. She comes out in a track suit with a bag, and he silently drives her to a hotel and gets her a room while she waits in the car. He carries the bag to the room and hands her the keys and then turns away, before turning back a moment later and knocking on the door. She looks aggressive when she opens it, like she is expecting him to take advantage. But instead he just says “the season starts up again soon. I’m going to need an assistant coach. You interested?” Of course she takes the job, and then spend the next 6 weeks fighting with each other. He thinks she is driving the players too hard, she tells him to trust her, in the end he has to admit she has worked wonders with the team, and she has to admit that he has a better vision for the big picture. At the end of the season, he gives her a contract to sign to work with him again and she refuses. He is surprised and asks what is wrong, he can be more respectful of her work, he really appreciates her. And if it is about that one moment when they were working later and were tired and he kissed the top of her hair as she fell asleep in his arms, he is sorry… She cuts him off and says no, it isn’t that. It is that a husband and wife can’t work together, it is against the rules of the sports federation, and they will be getting married in a week. She already made all the arrangements. Shahrukh looks stunned, and then notices that she may seem confident, but is twiddling her fingers in the way that is her give away for nerves, and smiles. He says “I don’t know, I can find a wife anywhere, but a good assistant coach is hard to find.” Bindiya shuts her face down and tries not to cry and just nods. And then he smiles bigger and says “But then, where could a find a woman who can burn my tea the way you can?” and they embrace and miss.

Kabir and Preety

(the westernized high class one engaged to the Cricket player)

Here's how the girls from 'Chak De! India' look like now | Bollywood Bubble

A few weeks after the season ends, Preety and Kabir bump into each other at a press conference. She is articulate and clear as she gives reasons that women’s sports should receive more funding and he just says “What she said, she said it better than I could”. After the press conference, he compliments her again and says she should consider a career in public speaking once her playing days are over. And she asks a little hesitantly “do you really mean that?” And then explains that since she broke the engagement, things have been very tense at home. What she wants is to find a career besides playing hockey, something that will let her move out and build something of her own and think beyond just hockey and marriage. Kabir says he will think about it. And then a few days later comes to her family home with a friend. She lives in a luxurious flat with sophisticated taste with her brother and mother and father, and Shahrukh has brought a friend who owns a sporting company. He is a bit crass and underclass and uncomfortable in the flat (the friend that is), but Shahrukh explains that he wants to start marketing his products to women and Preety could be a great spokesperson for him, not just that, really get involved in the campaign and help him understand what drives female players. He can’t pay much to start, nothing like a multi-national company might offer her to be a brand ambassador, but she can really make a difference if she works with him. Preety’s parents start to politely turn this man down on her behalf, she has many far more attractive offers to consider, but Preety jumps in and says “I’ll take it”. It means moving from fancy South Bombay to a industrial city just outside Delhi, but she doesn’t care. The first day at her new company housing, she gets a little scared, it’s all small and dusty and not what she is used to. But then Shahrukh shows up, he heard she was moving in today, and he brought his mother to help her get settled while he figures out the wiring of her electricity. Preety loves her new job, and Shahrukh is a consultant too so they work together a lot. And since she is a young woman all alone, Shahrukh’s mother invites her over to their house a lot and really appreciates her. Preety bumps into Shahrukh at a gallery opening alone and he explains that he really loves fine art but it isn’t what people expect from an athlete, so he doesn’t talk about it. He and Preety start going to art shows and poetry readings and things together and really enjoy exploring the world. And then Preety overseas the big launch of the new all-female sporting equipment line and it is a massive success. Shahrukh waits on the outskirts of her success party to congratulate her, and then turns to leave. She excuses herself from everyone else and runs after him. The cameras follow her. And she proposes to him on camera without even realizing the cameras are there. He looks stunned and indicates the cameras, and she notices them for the first time, and says “come now, don’t do what I did, don’t say ‘no’ and humiliate me in front of the world”. And he smiles and says “all right then, yes”. And then they kiss.

Kabir and Vidya

(the married team captain and goalie)

Chak De! India 10 years: Cast then and now | Vidya Malvade played Vidya  Sharma in Chak De! India

5 years after the match, Kabir is walking with his mother in the park and sees a young girl practicing with a hockey stick. He smiles and watches her and then sees Vidya, pregnant, come up to correct her stance. He and his mother go over to greet Vidya, and his mother congratulates her on her pregnancy, at which point she breaks down crying. His mother quickly takes the daughter off for ice cream while Vidya talks to Kabir. Her in-laws kept nagging her even after the win, said that now she had won a trophy she could settle down and wouldn’t let her play again. Pressure her to get pregnant right away. She loved her daughter the minute she was born and it felt like she had an ally in the household. Her husband was gone so much, her mother-in-law nagged her, and when her father-in-law speaks, it is as if everyone else is afraid to open their mouth. She put off getting pregnant again as long as she could because somehow she feared it, but after 5 years, there was so much family pressure that she stopped taking her pills and gave in. Sure enough, her in-laws forced her for a sex determination test. And when it was a girl again, they wanted her to abort. She left her husband and his family 3 months ago, her lawyer is working on a divorce, but meanwhile she and her daughter are living in two rooms together and she is terrified of what might happen if something goes wrong with the pregnancy and it is just the two of them. Shahrukh’s mother comes up in time to hear the end of this and immediately insists that Vidya must move into their house. Shahrukh is never going to give her a daughter-in-law or grandchildren, let her have a lovely pregnant woman to fuss over and a delightful little girl!!!! They move in, and it is a difficult pregnancy. Vidya has pains and cravings and Shahrukh is wonderful through out. When she is put on bedrest and his mother is out of the house, he even brings her a bedpan. He is wonderful with her daughter too, helping her play hockey and telling her that girls can play as well as boys. And when her in-laws show up and try to take her home, he even gets physical with them, forcing them out of his house. The baby is born and Vidya is sick after the birth. While she is in the hospital, Shahrukh takes care of the newborn and the big sister and completely falls in love with the baby. Vidya’s husband eventually shows up trying to claim fatherly visitation rights and Shahrukh refuses, says he has no right to this child that he didn’t even want to exist. They talk to Vidya’s lawyer who says the divorce is final but the only hope is if the baby has a different legal father. So Vidya and Shahrukh get married (while she is still in hospital) and she puts his name on the birth certificate. Vidya comes home and is still sick and weak. But she gets better and begins to get a little frustrated because no matter what signals she sends him, Shahrukh doesn’t seem willing to treat her like a wife “really”. She finally asks his mother about it, if he married her just because he loves her daughters so much. And his mother says no, Kabir would have found another way if he had to, he would only have agreed to the marriage if he loved her deep down. She just has to find a way to force him to show it. So she challenges him to a hockey match, saying that if she wins, it will prove she is physically able to do “anything” now. He agrees, she beats him, and he says “okay okay, you can do anything, now what is it you want to do?” And she smiles and whispers in his ear as he blushes bright red and turns away, and then turns back and gives her a shy kind of naughty smile. End credits sexy song!!!

Phew! I am so happy! That was such a treat for me! Which do you like best?

4 thoughts on “Chak De India Short FanFics, How Kabir Could End Up Married to Komal, Aliya, Bindiya, Preety, Vidya

  1. I like the SRK and Vidya Story best. It’s a good story. I wondered how you were going to do it if she was already married, and loved what you came up with. If I was going to go for straight personality/chemistry I would pair SRK with Preety, but Vidya’s story is better. You wrote a good story for Komal, but she’s gay, so it just doesn’t work for me. She is super cute. So far every woman I think is super cute is gay, 100%. I mean I know gay women who aren’t super cute, but when I think a woman is super cute she is always gay. Thus Komal and Preety seem a better match to me.


    • Well heck, either story also works if it is Preety and Komal!!!! Komal’s uncle has a sports equipment factory, she suggests hiring Preety, the two women spend more and more time together, Komal learns to appreciate poetry and Preety learns to live without air conditioning, and then they admit they are in love and happily move in together.

      Alternatively, Preety (now retired) offers to go to Australia with Komal so she can play on the team, Komal starts dating one of the Australian players, Preety defends her at a party, komal falls in love and challenges her to a match with a kiss as the prize.

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