Saturday WachAlong: Chak De India! 7:30am Chicago Time!

Happy Saturday! I got my coffee, I got my whipped cream on top, I got my dark chocolate mix added into the coffee, and I’ve got my bacon jerky. Let’s do this!!!

Chak De! It’s on Amazon, and also einthusan, and also your DVD shelf probably. Oh and remember, once we finish watching it we will need to give opinions on which team member is most attractive in a ladies-who-like-ladies kind of way. So head back to This Post for that!!!

I’ll put up a “And PLAY” comment at 7:30am and we will go straight along commenting from then on.

428 thoughts on “Saturday WachAlong: Chak De India! 7:30am Chicago Time!

  1. Was Gul the first player who missed? If so, she is the only Muslim player on the team which means (like Shahrukh), she missed but this time there is only unquestioning support from her team and coach.

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  2. This is so great getting Shahrukh’s thought process and frustration with not being able to be on the field with his players. And the culmination of all the time he has spent with them. Totally anti-climatic, except that it is because of everything that has come before that makes it look easy.

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  3. I love that the girls run to embrace each other and Shahrukh just hangs back. Great acting moment, but also great coach moment. This is for them, not him.


    • In another lifetime I shared an apartment with a girl who was friends with chefs. So now whenever I hear the White Stripes I think it is 4 in the morning.


  4. So, this is not the same little kid who did the mean graffiti, right? Was it just a symbol of how the kids represented the whole neighborhood turning against him, that a different kid comes and erases it?


  5. Oh, that was so lovely!!!! Now I have to write fanfic for Kabir to get together with each of the main players. There is just nothing like a Shahrukh movie. We may have to do SRK again next week. Or else Bobby Jasoos. Or something for Preity’s birthday.

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  6. That was fun! I feel like I didn’t comment much but I also don’t think I fully woke up, so maybe I’ll go take a nap. Thanks, Margaret, have a great weekend everyone!

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