Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Try to Stay Warm/Cool

Happy Saturday! This comes to you from “America’s Vast Frozen Middle”. That was a headline in the BBC or something years ago and it always makes me giggle because YES! My vast American middle is frozen!!!! That’s why I put Albie Dog on my lap so much.

It’s supposed to drop below 0 degrees outside today which may, or may not, finally defeat my radiators which are bringing my apartment temperature easily into the 80s. I look forward to a day spent going outside and freezing, and then coming inside and burning up, and back and forth and on and on.

Anyway, things to talk about!!!!

Angie shared this trailer which is, possibly, the stupidest lowest budget most fake sexy thing I have ever seen! Watch and enjoy the giggle:

Sid M posted an instagram photo of himself in police uniform. I approve!!! And am now very interested in this “slice of life comedy”, whatever that means, costarring Ajay and Rakul Preet Singh.

Even better, SID M POSTED HIS OWN BERNIE MEME!!!! I just love him so much.

Speaking of instagram cute, Preity!!!! Giving just the bestest birthday greeting to Bobby.

And finally, a philosophical post from Harsh! Which is, disappointingly, almost coherent:

But then to make up for it, he posted a photo of all his sneakers with a lengthy discussion of…sneakers I guess?

Okay, that’s all I got for y’all to talk about!!!! I’m gonna do my watchalong, keep warm, and maybe finish another puzzle. WEEKENDS!!!!


18 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Try to Stay Warm/Cool

  1. Doo doo doo doo doo… LOVE GAMES! Holy shit, that COULD not be better. Or, it could, if the main guy wasn’t hideous.

    Sid! So adorable. Harsh, on the other hand, annoyed me. You’re the most privileged person in a country full of deeply entranched inequality and very violent discrimination, don’t give me that choose positivity nonsense. Also, does he have a carpet that says Keep Off or did he photoshop that on?

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  2. Speaking of Deols, this Abhay interview with Anupam has some interesting discussion of the industry starting around 7:30.

    Where is Abhay? They keep saying when he comes home…

    Baby Preity is adorable in that clip. Sid’s Bernie meme is the Sidest thing I can imagine, so clean and cheerful and *almost* clued in but really more about looking pretty.


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