Saturday WatchAlong! CHENNAI EXPRESS! JOY!!!! Starting at 7:30am Chicago Time

Happy Happy Saturday! And SRK day!!! What a wonderful start to the day/weekend, spending the morning with SRK.

I swear I won’t oversleep this week! So at 7:30am Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY!” comment and we will go from there. Super fun!

Reminder, Chennai Express is off Netflix and Prime right now, so you will have to dig out a DVD or else rent it on youtube (link below).

341 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong! CHENNAI EXPRESS! JOY!!!! Starting at 7:30am Chicago Time

  1. SHOLAY!!!! This series of sounds, the blacksmith and knife sharpener and wool thingy is exactly the same as the series of sounds used when Gabbar arrives in the village the first time in Sholay.

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  2. Driving her back to her village instead of confessing love and taking her to Mumbai is ridiculous. And the moral is what, it is better to die than to elope? Aye aye aye

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  3. Let’s say the point of this lecture is to train men to be allies because women already know these things. Instead of thinking about how a man is talking about how a woman never gets to talk for herself.


  4. Okay, let’s say Shahrukh is a gym obsessive because he is that kind of shallow guy. So he has the muscles to do a big fight scene, it’s just a matter of having the motivation to really hurt people. So in that case, this fight between him and 20 men For Love makes total sense and is reasonable.


  5. Here is when I start to worry about the village economy now that all the little stalls have been destroyed. Maybe they can sell Dips’ wedding jewelry to pay for damages?


  6. Oh fun fact I just found out that I thought I would share. This story for this film was written by a K. Subash who directed all but one Tamil films and also wrote the story for Dilwale.


    • I try to read it as Shahrukh knowing her family and village will always see her that way. So he has to play the game in order to fully free her from them, and then she is making her own decision here.


    • I agree. I don’t like that her father tells SRK that Deepika is his now, he (father) is giving her to him. I wish Deepika had been a part of the fight scenes. Personally, I think she would have kicked butt!

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  7. I just told the kids that now they were going to get married and have three boys of their own. And the 9 year old informed me that in these movies if they don’t have twins they only have one child!

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  8. Sigh. that was so good. And I am suddenly super tired even though all I did was get up and watch this movie. Maybe all the scenes of them running?


  9. Okay, that was great and I am not as exhausted as I was last time. Thank you for finally giving into my campaigning, Margaret. And it’s sunny in NJ now so I hope it comes to Chicago. Have a great weekend everyone!

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