Friday WatchAlong: Hum Aapke Hain Koun! Let’s Learn About FAMILY VALUES!!! 3pm Chicago Time Start

Friday WatchAlong!!! Actually on Friday!!!! And we are going to watch a very VERY long movie. It will be dark out and you will be ready for dinner by the time it is over. Also, you will be STARVING. Rajshri films will always make you super super hungry.

VERY IMPORTANT. We are watching the Netflix version, which is 3 hours and 13 minutes. So that is NOT the same as the einthusan version. I don’t really have a solution for this, beyond awareness. We won’t all be lining up. I’ll be doing Netflix, so if you start to lag behind, fast forward until you catch up I guess?

Otherwise, just have fun with it!!!! Silly movie, great Madhuri, tons of songs, tons of costumes, tons of FOOD.

At 3pm, I will put up a “And PLAY” comment and then we will go from there!!!!


572 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Hum Aapke Hain Koun! Let’s Learn About FAMILY VALUES!!! 3pm Chicago Time Start

  1. Oh! This is the moment in the DVD when the subtitles get off and everything has a 30 second delay from here on out! I am so happy we are watching on Netflix.


  2. Also, are we all processing that Rajesh is physically ill because his son has no “mother”? He is wasting away and his life can only be saved by remarrying? So says the actual medical doctor?

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  3. Setting aside Salman and Madhuri being in love, it is still a BAD IDEA.

    Also, do you know how many people in the Ramayana and Mahabharata married sisters? I find that really creepy even if both sisters marry the groom simultaneously.


  4. Counterpoint: Aaina is awesome. Maybe it’s because the older sister ran away because she didn’t love him? And also they never had sex?


    • Oh Amrita and Jackie 100% had sex. But yes, Aaina is the only one that manages to make the two sisters with the same man storyline super romantic. Maybe it is because Amrita was never married to Jackie? It was just purely sexual between them?


  5. How did she not know until the invitations were printed???

    Also, can you imagine getting this invite? Going “wait, didn’t the other daughter just marry this guy like a year ago? What’s happening in this family?”


  6. Are they really thinking this through? Like, this is FOR LIFE. For his entire life, he has to see his brother with the woman he loves. It’s not gonna work out!!!!

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  7. I want Mohnish to end up married to Sweety after all. She comes to visit a few years later, turns out she isn’t nearly as awful as she sounded, and he kind of likes having a modern interesting wife who does more than just cook.

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  8. And now Netflix wants me to watch To All the Boys… but it is gonna take me a while to process this one. The heros were at their least attractive in the last scene. I hope they get back the sexiness on their fictional wedding night. Thanks for the watch-a-long Margaret!

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  9. Thank you for this Margaret! I am basically doing the job of three people and had the most stressful/anxiety ridden week at work and this was the perfect ending to it!!! I am so much less grumpy right now! Now I am going to go watch Chocolate Lime Juice on YouTube like Genevieve suggested!


    • I also had a stressful week!!! Training a new employee, who is a delight and I adore her, but it means I have to do my regular job and also explain everything I am doing as I am doing it.

      Anyway, this movie helped, and pills also helped. I’ve been resisting my “as needed” pills, but I think I have to just give up and take them until the sun returns to Chicago (next month).

      On Fri, Feb 12, 2021 at 6:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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