Friday WatchAlong: SATURDAY 7:30am!!! BAAGHI!!!! For Tiger and Shraddha

Really, it’s the perfect watchalong movie. So dumb, so fun, so sunny, such great songs and such a surprisingly hot villain. And there were slightly more votes for Saturday this week than for Friday, so we are doing Saturday!

Baaghi! It’s on Netflix, it is a remake of Varsham which was a remake of Tezaab which was a remake of Streets of Fire which is EXCELLENT and you should all watch it.

I'll Be There For You Tonight: Walter Hill's Streets of Fire — Talk Film  Society
Streets of Fire. SO GOOD.

Oh, and watch Baaghi too. Tiger does martial arts, Shraddha smiles and dances, hot evil dude glowers, it’s the perfect movie for the movie it is.

At 7:30am on Saturday we will all sit down with our coffee and pancakes and hit “play” at 7:30am when I put up a “and PLAY” comment. And then enjoy a lovely start to the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: SATURDAY 7:30am!!! BAAGHI!!!! For Tiger and Shraddha

  1. Perfect, I’ve never been able to make it through the whole movie so this will force me! But I LOVE the rain song. To me the rain song encapsulates joy and makes me want to experience a monsoon. Like Sheila Ki Jawani, Cham Cham is more than the film that hosts it. I think, as I’ve never seen the whole film… I’ll decide at the end.


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