Friday WatchAlong: Ghungroo! For Shashi! 3pm Chicago Time Tomorrow, On Einthusan

Oh boy! We are going to have an adventure and learn new things TOGETHER!!! I haven’t seen this movie, but people tell me it is good, and the cast is AMAZING (Shashi, Smita, Waheedaji), so I am taking a risk.

Ghungroo! It’s only available on einthusan, so download in advance if possible, or prepare for streaming weirdness. Or just pay for the einthusan membership, it is SO worth it.

I’ll put up a post a few minutes in advance, and then at 3pm I will start us off with a comment of “And PLAY”.


8 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ghungroo! For Shashi! 3pm Chicago Time Tomorrow, On Einthusan

  1. In the infamous words of Shashi’s brother, YAHOOO!!! I am so excited for this! I have never seen this movie, and I thought I had watched all Shashi movies that are worth watching. This is going to be such a treat!

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  2. I wasn’t planning to join but the song you posted made me super interested in the movie. I hope I can watch it with you all tomorrow. Is it very long?


  3. I’m curious to see your reaction once you’ve watched the film, because “good” is not the word I’d use to describe “Ghungroo.” 🙂 Yeah, despite that cast. Though, if you tilt your head just right, it is definitely an enjoyable movie.


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