Friday WatchAlong: Ghungroo! 4pm Chicago Time (AN HOUR LATER THAN USUAL)

First, NOTE THE TIME CHANGE!!!! 4pm!!!!! I had a last minute chance to get together with a friend this afternoon and I couldn’t pass it up. So I moved watchalong an hour. If I run even longer than that (stuck in traffic, whatever), just wait for me to say “And PLAY”.

Ghungroo!!!! Shashi!!!! And period costumes! And Waheedaji!!!! And Smita Patil!!!! And it’s on einthusan.

At 4pm (or a little later if I am running late), I will put up an “And PLAY” comment. And then we play! And then we are happy!

Ghungroo (1983) - IMDb

378 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ghungroo! 4pm Chicago Time (AN HOUR LATER THAN USUAL)

  1. Well, that was a lovely movie, even if I kept falling asleep. Wich was less about the film and more about waking up at 6am-which-is-really-5am, and then having an exciting in person meeting.


  2. Margaret – thank you for hosting! This was so much fun and such a great start to my weekend.

    Thank you Shemilot and Kirre for recommending this movie! I had no idea it even existed!

    Genevieve – you might win for the wittiest comments of the night!!! They were hilarious!

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