Saturday WatchAlong: Dishoom! So Dumb! So Fun!!!

Happy Saturday! Weird week, I hope there are folks who can join me on this one, didn’t get much interest. But, who cares! It is a wonderful satisfying STUPID movie.

Dishoom! It’s on Prime and Youtube and probably einthusan too. It’s a big dumb action movie with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan playing miss-matched cop partners, and Akshaye playing the villain. Immediately irresistible, right?

At 7:30am, I will put up a “And PLAY” comment and then go from there! With whoever shows up!


222 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dishoom! So Dumb! So Fun!!!

    • You can. We have a Fi collar on Theo that GPS tracks him because he’s dumb also and likes to run after deer, fox, raccoons and then freaks himself out when he realizes he is lost. Idiot!


      • Googled, looks totally worth it, but also the light can be costumized to “your dog’s favorite color”????? What dog has a favorite color!!!!


        • The light is mostly OUR favorite colors and based on our moods since Theo can’t see it. We usually alternate between yellow, blue (the color of his collar), or purple!


  1. The subtitles said the bomb would go off in 15 minutes, and yet the time clearly said 10 min. 58 seconds. Almost no dialogue and yet subtitles still suck.

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  2. Varun is super strong to be able to lift an entire man unwillingly by the back of his jacket while dangling from a helicopter. SUPER STRONG!


  3. I want a sequel sooooooooooooo much! This time they are in India, Jackie and Pari are both involved, and maybe it’s Field Hockey and Australians? Something equally important.

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  4. This was so much fun! Thanks, Margaret. This is our anniversary weekend. We are celebrating today and tomorrow since we did nothing last year and this was a perfect way to start the day. I watched it in bed while my husband mostly slept but woke up occasionally to watch the important scenes like the Jackie song. It was perfect!

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