BAM! MADDY! Shots Fired, Nation on Notice, THAT’S the Kind of Patriotism I Like to See!!!!!! Rocket Santa to the RESCUE!!!!

WOOT! Angie, does this trailer make you forgive him for Nishabh? Knowing this was the movie he was trying to fund and get released?

Remember when being Patriotic meant doing the best you could for your country, not just saying your country is the best? Remember when the rights of the individual were considered as valuable as the prestige of the nation? Remember when movie stars weren’t afraid to critique their country?

You don’t remember it? That’s okay, because that day has come TODAY! WOO-HOO!!!! Here is the trailer for the film that Maddy has been trying to get finished and released for years, the reason he has sucked up to the national government so much, the reason he has made terrible movies just for the paycheck, the reason he did the cameo in Zero so he could get the EXACT RIGHT return cameo from SRK.

Oh, I am so happy. I think I might even like this film better than the film I thought it might be based on his make-up, a movie about Maddy playing a Tamilian Santa. And just in case you might miss his message, he released the trailer in EVERY LANGUAGE. Including English.

Now, hmm, DCIB has a “happy place, no politics” rule. But I do want people to react to this trailer. So let’s talk in general about the cultural phenomenon of the “Tall Poppy” effect, about if you would have taken the release from jail and drop of charges or if you would have been like Nambi and fought for a more public justice, that particular personality type that makes you keep going ahead of the storm and offending people, and if Maddy’s beard and white hair look really works or not.

Does that make sense? Big thoughts, big picture. Or personal reaction. But nothing about particular nations, governments, politicians, etc. DCIB is a place people come to in order to escape, and I am going to protect that.

16 thoughts on “BAM! MADDY! Shots Fired, Nation on Notice, THAT’S the Kind of Patriotism I Like to See!!!!!! Rocket Santa to the RESCUE!!!!

  1. I didn’t understand much to be honest, but I like it. The trailer is big and impressive. Maddy looks great in younger version and a little silly as Santa. But now, after seeing “Written & Directed by R. Madhavan” I’m so stressed . I want this movie to be huge.


    • I don’t care if it is huge, I want it to be moral and ethical and admirable! And I think that is going to happen. With him being all “India is eating it’s sons”.

      On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 8:29 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Huge, I mean successful and profitable.
        Maybe I’m gullible or I love this man too much but I never thought he would make a non ethical movie. Why risk so much money and time for just another jingoistic shit?
        My problem was more like: It’s the first movie he is directing, and it’s so big, will he be able to do it right?


        • I guess I don’t love him enough, because I was seriously concerned he would go the easy patriotism route.

          On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 9:20 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I saw the tamil trailer now and instead of ShahRukh there is Surya. Interesting. Also on my second watch I noticed some bad wigs


  3. Oh no! This looks so good! Which means I’m probably going to watch it and then get into arguments with people about patriotism.

    Also, the white beard is a little TOO white and fluffy.


  4. The high stakes rocket launch at the end reminds me of the Zero trailer, but this looks so much less goofy and more interesting. Santa beard but no monkeys? Also, kind of got me that I believed Maddy much more as a space scientist in that interview clip than I believed him, or SRK, or Anushka for that matter in Zero.


    • I think out of the whole cast of Zero, I believed Maddy in his role the most. He was absolutely a nice guy scientist!

      On Thu, Apr 1, 2021 at 8:10 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, but with an emphasis on nice guy more than scientist. Here the character of someone driven enough to achieve important things comes through.


  5. Honestly, I’m just happy to see something that is not pandering to the nation, which is what I was afraid it was going to be. It’s interesting how the English trailer is cut differently from the Tamil/Hindi trailer, is he marketing to non-Desi people by showcasing the international actors? Just imagining shooting simultaneously in 3 languages is daunting enough, Maddy took on a lot, I hope it pays off! Also, it’s ridiculous how excited I got seeing SRK for just a few seconds! At least he’s in a film, instead of whatever monstrosity that Vimal ad was!!!


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