Friday WatchAlong: Dil! Aamir and Madhuri, Whose Hair is the Foofiest????

Yaaaaaay, Friday WatchAlong on a Friday!!!! And unless my plans change, I should be all relaxed and stuff for this movie, because I scheduled a massage for 1pm (did I tell you I woke up on Wednesday with my neck so messed up I couldn’t move my head?).

Dil! On Netflix! It’s Dumb! It’s Fun! The Songs are great!

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “And Play!” comment and we will go from there!

304 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Dil! Aamir and Madhuri, Whose Hair is the Foofiest????

  1. We’ve also seen lots of moments of them standing in the middle distance like that, and variously moving towards or against each other–including those two pivotal moments where they don’t kiss after the boxing match, and when she does kiss him after they come back from Ooty. Here, now, he walks toward her. . . and she walks away and backward, at the same pace. Such a simple way of expressing such a sad distance!

    –followed, of course, by the character development that would have prevented “Jab Jab Phool Khile” or “Raja Hindustani” from having a second half at all.

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  2. Her own dad runs over her in the car while she’s walking dazed, a la her running Raja over when he’s pretending to be blind way at the beginning.

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  3. Such a weirdly catchy song!!!! I keep thinking it is a remix of a western song just because it sounds so familiar, but I think maybe it is just one of those songs that always sounds familiar?


  4. Thank you for this amazing watchalong! The DCIB community is the best! What a great start to the weekend! Also, Margaret, a very happy anniversary to your parents!!!

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