ANGIE! It’s Your BIRTHDAY!!!! What Movie Do You Want Us to Watch on Friday????

Thank Goodness, Angie and Allu Arjun have the same birthday, so that makes it easy for me to remember. Anyway, ANGIE! Friday Movie!!!! What do you want????

Don’t think of this as a movie you necessarily have to join us in watching. Think of it as a movie that you can FORCE everyone at DCIB to finally watch even if we don’t want to. Or a movie that you can enjoy scrolling through comments later. So yes, everything is on the table.


Everyone else (meaning, reviewers) hates it, but Angie says it is good

Half Girlfriend (2017) - IMDb


Most people say it is good, but I say it is SAD and I don’t want to watch it

Malaal (2019) - IMDb

Hamari Adhuri Kahaani

This is a terrible terrible movie. But Angie likes it, so if she can put up with snark, we will watch it for her

Review: 'Hamari Adhuri Kahani' Tours a Bad Marriage and the Jungle - The  New York Times

Or, of course, anything else! It’s your birthday! Go wild!

5 thoughts on “ANGIE! It’s Your BIRTHDAY!!!! What Movie Do You Want Us to Watch on Friday????

  1. Oh Oh it’s me!
    I love Malaal, and want everybody to watch it because it’s good but I think the only thing I would be able to comment would be: OMG y’all look at Meezaan in those pants. isn’t he gorgeous?!

    Hamari Adhuri Kahani is long and sad and makes me cry so no.

    But Half-Girlfriend is perfect because it’s so silly and bad (and SPOILER…………………………………….unlike the other two here nobody dies). We can laugh a lot because the actors are bad. But how is the availability?

    There is another gem I love a lot: Prem Aggan 😉 But I won’t do this to you girls.


    • Half-girlfriend it is! And it is on NETFLIX! At least in America. And also on einthusan in other places. Very exciting! And you promise you won’t be hurt if we make fun of it?

      On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 2:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • At all! In fact they deserve it for a lot of reasons but mostly for this scene:


    • Angie – Happy Birthday!!! I just looked up Prem Aggan and now I want to watch it! The heroine is the same person who does the snake dance in Bride and Prejudice! That itself is a selling point.


      • Thank you 🙂

        Yes, watch it! Prem Aggan is the king of all “so bad, it’s good” films. Everything: the “acting”, the songs, choreography, dialogues is hilarious. It’s such a mood booster.


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