3 Important Things I Need Help With: Bahubali Memes, Lampshades, and Anal Glands

Yes, it is a whole variety of things with which I need help/advice/sympathy!!!! And I feel like, among the DCIB community, we should be able to solve ALL of them.

Bahubali Memes

Last night we ended up watching Bahubali 2 for Friends Movie Night. I warned my sad friend that it was a SAD movie, but she still wanted to watch it so she could know how the story ends. Anyway, I promised her that there were Meghan and Harry Bahubali 2 mashups, and now I can’t find ANY!!!! HELP ME!!!! They must exist, right?


How do you pack lampshades? Is there some clever trick I am missing? Seems like the only way to do it with damaging them is to leave an enormous box mostly empty. What wisdom do you have for me?

Coppery Gold Bell Lamp Shade 7x14x10.5 (Spider) - Springcrest - Lampshades  - Amazon.com

Anal Glands

Albie Dog has been smelling quit a bit like a dog lately. Or, alternatively, sardines. It’s his little doggie defense/stress system of anal glands. He isn’t uncomfortable or anything, they don’t need to be drained, but he STINKS. Is there some solution here? Or do I just accept that sometimes dogs smell bad?

Are sardines good for you? Nutritional benefits and more

10 thoughts on “3 Important Things I Need Help With: Bahubali Memes, Lampshades, and Anal Glands

  1. I stack lamp shades on top of one another and throw them on top of everything. Alternatively, pack them with your sweaters. I know nothing of doggie anal glands or Baahubali. Did your sad friend like Baahubali 2?


    • She did like Baahubali 2! And it was a great distraction. And today I am spamming her with photos of the cast in modern dress.

      On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 2:53 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • I haven’t click through to this article but I am sure that it’s going to be right. This is exactly the problem that Georgie has once in a while and it is a function of how hard or soft her poop is. When it’s hard obviously it expresses her anal glands somewhat on the way out and that relieves the odor. If she doesn’t poop for a couple of days or a day even for some reason this will also happen. How regular is he?


      • Super regular! But he is an emotional pooper. Every time his little feelings are upset, his poop gets goopy. During the pandemic, we’ve been going from my place, to my parents place, to the place in Wisconsin. The first night he is always emotional and poops weird. And now I know he will also be smelly! What fun for us all!

        Also, how strange is it that you know so much about your dog’s emotions, health, etc. thanks to picking up poop?

        On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 6:17 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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