Radhe Trailers! Well, This is a Salman Movie All Right

In the crazy world of 2021, isn’t it nice to have a safe familiar relaxing Bad Salman Movie? Isn’t that alone enough to celebrate? If it was actually good, I would be yet another upsetting change in the regular scheme of life.

Trailer! Which now has subtitles, yaaaaaaaaaaay!

I am guessing Salman is largely CGI’d which might be why his face doesn’t move. Or else his horrible nerve disorder is so bad that his face has frozen up. Clearly his back continues to be frozen, since he tends to just kind of stand in one place and let things happen around him (action scenes, dance scenes, love scenes).

If I am understanding the dialogue correctly, Disha Patani is playing Jackie’s sister? Which is weird, since she is supposed to be dating his son in real life. Also, Randeep Hooda is the villain, which makes me happy, since I hate his stupid face.

Oh, and it’s a Prabhudeva movie which means there will be something about penises that we haven’t seen yet.

And first song video! Which is a redo of an Allu Arjun video, which just makes it EVEN CLEARER that Salman can no longer really move his back or face.

Here’s the original:

And Salman version:

I’m still absolutely watching it opening night of course. Especially now that it is supposed to be simultaneously released on streaming. Dina and I are planning a viewing in my living room, with Albie Dog providing that raucous enthusiastic Salman Bhai fan element.

12 thoughts on “Radhe Trailers! Well, This is a Salman Movie All Right

    • Randeep Hooda as a Drug Kingpin does make me giggle. Especially if it turns out that Jackie Shroff is secretly pulling the strings.

      On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 12:59 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. At least with Salman’s version of the song the woman is a good dancer, and kinda makes up for him just standing there. While few could hope to imitate AA, comparing the two does make Salman look injured. AA has COVID, and I’m a little pissy with him because based on social media it doesn’t look like he took a ton of precautions. But he is young and healthy and hopefully will be fine.


        • YES! And poor Disha already had to do this once, I just remembered, she had an item song in Bharat to dance around Salman while he stood still.

          On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 11:24 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I never liked Salman Khan. Can’t really tell you why. Never gravitated towards his movies, and I read something early on that I can’t remember what, but it seared into my brain that he’s a bad person. I could be wrong.

    The trailer looks like typical Salman. I rolled my eyes a bunch towards the end and forgot about it. But oh my god, Seeti Maar. Worst music video I’ve ever seen ever, probably. I can have sympathy that he has a nerve disorder, but then who puts him next to Disha and make it painfully obvious that she can dance and he can’t? Their attempt to work around this via the choreography just made me painfully uncomfortable. The shirt over the face? Why? Not to mention that the song itself is bad and the age difference between Disha and Salman just makes my soul sad.

    This is a hard pass for me, but it’s been a hard pass since they announced it so.


    • The shirt over the face this is so strange. There are so many ungenerous things one could say about it – like Hooray, a dance move for ugly people! And yet I often find the choreography where they pluck their shirts and pull on their pants strange.


    • You know where it worked? Swag song from Tiger!!!! It totally worked, Salman just stood there and was sort of cool and together and stuff while other people danced around him. SO much better than trying to make him half dance!!!!

      On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 4:38 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Is no one else absolutely DISGUSTED that they’re paired Disha with Salman? There’s a nearly 30 year age difference. It’s so shameful that this is the standard. These same old uncles romancing the grandchildren of their former costars. They look horribly mismatched too. Blech. Will not watch for this reason alone!


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