Sunday WatchAlong: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! 10am Chicago Time! Hate or Love Watch, as You Prefer!

Happy Sunday!!!! Our first Sunday watchalong in a while. In honor of Rachel’s birthday. And in honor of me FINALLY getting someone to watch Kabhi Alvida na Kehna with me.

It’s on youtube, it’s on googleplay, it’s on Netflix, and it’s probably on einthusan!!!! You have no reason not to watch it! Except for maybe that you don’t enjoy it! In which case you can watch it and hate on it! So, HA! Still no excuse!

At 10am Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will keep going from there!

383 thoughts on “Sunday WatchAlong: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! 10am Chicago Time! Hate or Love Watch, as You Prefer!

    • Rani is sad and teaching, Shahrukh is sad and has an exposed brick wall, Abhishek is starting new, and Preity is being a Mom.


  1. This is so weird/not weird! Like, as an acknowledgement of their long bond, and the way marriages still matter after they are over, it works. But this is the FIRST interaction since the big messy divorce blow up? that’s kind of jumping into the deep end. No coffee and become friends over time?

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  2. Wait, does not saying goodbye mean Arjun is still mad at him and avoiding him, or that his visits are such a routine thing that it’s just part of the flow of life that Shahrukh is always coming and going?

    Also, what’s with the “stay in touch” if they are co-parenting? Is he going to Canada and no longer being a Dad?


  3. Yaaaay! Arjun has a female best friend and it isn’t weird or romantical or anything! It can happen!!!

    Also, yaaaaay! Arjun and Preity and Abhishek and his wife can be cool couple friends!

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  4. I really like that Preity and Rani have an honest conversation about how Rani didn’t “break up” her marriage. I do not love that Abhishek and Preity are turned into fairy godmothers for Rani and SRKs “love that was meant to be”.


  5. In a better version of this movie, Preity and Abhishek are charming casual cheaters who have a marriage in name only with nice dutiful stay at home types. And this ending is sweet, as we see the charming casual folks encourage the monogamous ones to get together. But in this movie, it is just WEIRD.

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  6. The basic idea of a woman running to the train to stop a man who thinks she is married to someone else is GOLD. I just wish the rest of the movie hadn’t set it up like this. But if this sequence had been at the end of Mujshe Dosti Karoge or something, I would have LOVED it.

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  7. Who is he telling this story too?

    Also, I remembered a good voice over! Preity talking in Kal Ho Na Ho was good. That was clever and funny and fun.

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  8. Happy happy birthday, Rachel! I hope you have a lovely day!

    Thanks for hosting, Margaret. All my anger had been released in the comments. Now I have nothing left but happiness and love! I am going to go hug my husband and my dog!

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