Mother’s Day Discussion Questions Post

Happy Day after Mother’s Day! Thinking about mother’s and things has raised some general questions for me that I want to share with the group.

My Dad mentioned recently that he always felt odd calling my Mom “Mom” and switched to always using her first name as soon as my sister and I had grasped the whole name idea. And hadn’t thought about it, but he’s right. My Mom says “Good morning sweetie, would you like Dad to make you some breakfast?” and my Dad says “Hey kiddo, [first name] is in the basement doing laundry.”

For those of you who are parents, what is your policy? Once your babies grasped the proper names, did you switch back to first names at all times? Or did you use the special titles when talking to the kids still?

Another question! When you are watching TV as a family, does your mother say “can you turn it down/up a little bit?” Even though the REMOTE IS RIGHT THERE, and she could just PICK IT UP AND DO IT HERSELF, she still just sort of generally asks someone else to do it. Is that a Mom thing is it a My Mom thing?

Did you know who was the original choice for Thakur's role in Sholay?

This is more of an identity question. When you see a small child being bored while their Mom talks to a friend at the grocery store, do you think “it’s true! My Mom took FOREVER talking to her friends and I wanted to GO and DO THINGS!” or do you think “suck it up small child! Let your poor mother have a few minutes to focus on something besides you!” ?

Personally, I am still all in on the small child side of things. Every time we were at church or the store or anywhere, she would meet someone she knew and take FOREVER to talk to them and I would be bored bored bored and no matter how much I tugged on her skirt, she would never leave. And conversely, we always left the playground about 30 seconds after we got there and I never had enough time to talk to MY friends and it wasn’t fair at all.

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See, Shahrukh stops talking to the boring adult people and focuses on AbRam, like a good parent!

11 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Discussion Questions Post

  1. I consider myself my mother’s butler. So yeah she makes me do things she can easily do herself .
    Yes, she would speak hours to her friends if they ran into her at grocery store, or parks or anything. However I didn’t dislike it. Iam sincerely interested even in most mundane human conversations.


  2. 1. Oooh, I once asked my mom why she kept calling my dad ‘Dad’ to me and essentially the habit of making sure she knew who they were never left? She also calls my grandpa grandpa to me. My dad doesn’t! He refers to people according to his relationship to them, like if he’s talking to me about my grandmother, he’ll say ‘Mom’. Maybe it’s a mom thing?

    2. Not my mom! My dad. He’d call me in from the other wing of the house, either by raising his voice or ringing a bell or calling me on my phone and when I’d sprinted to his room in worry, he’d ask me to switch off the lights since he wanted to go to sleep. They were a foot away from him AT MAX.

    3. Oh, a bit with both. I remember being especially bored when my parents went jewelry shopping, since I mostly liked listening to adult conversations. But jewelry! My tastes are very different from both of my parents’, so my opinion meant nothing and I’d just wander around the store looking at different pieces for HOURS on end and making up stories. So, yes kid, I sympathize, but also, learn to deal with it.


    • 1. Maybe it’s because Mom’s usually spend more time talking to kids when they are little, so they get more comfortable with the “Mom” “Dad” “Grandma” “Grandpa” names? It is odd, calling people these new names all the time while little ears are listening, but I suppose you can get used to anything if you do it 24 hours a day.

      2. At least we are all crowded into a tiny apartment, so I never have to go that far if my Mom asks me to get her tea from the kitchen or whatever. But on the other hand, it’s a tiny apartment! She can get her own tea!

      3. Oh, the WORST was when we had to buy new appliances. It was a big decision, so Mom and Dad both had to go to the store, which meant my sister and me were dragged along too because there was no one to stay home with us, and then they talked to the salesman for EVER and there was nothing to DO because all you could look at were stupid dishwashers and stoves and boring BORING things.


  3. It’s most confusing when you start to include grandparents and living greatgrandparents. When my wife says “Grandma”, does she mean her own grandmother or our boy’s? At least if I say “Dad”, there’s no potential for misunderstanding, but “Granddad” can be the person I’ve always called by that designation or my own father.

    I very vividly remember the times when we were trying to leave at a friend’s house after my sister and I had spent the afternoon. My mom would say “We’re leaving”, but by the time we had reached the door and were ready, she was deep in conversation with the mother. So after a while we got busy again, only to repeat the cycle.


    • We used to have a chair, that finally crumbled into nothing, which my Dad and his cousins bought for their Grandfather and which said “Grandpa” on the back. And then my Grandpa started using it. And finally my Dad’s cousin had Grandkids and he started using it. And then the chair fell apart. But it was a very weird sort of symbol of the title passing down the generations.

      I remember that with birthday parties! There was the official party, and then the sort of epilogue party when all the parents arrived for pick up and ended up chatting and we got to have free unsupervised play for a bit.

      On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 12:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. 1. Names – I always thought families where the kids called their parents by their first names odd. My husband is always called Daddy in front of the children, I am always Mom or Mommy. Grandma is always Grandma and Grandpa is always Grandpa (those are the in-laws). My own parents are always Noni & Opa unless I am talking to my siblings about them. Even with doing that the kids will try out calling me and my husband by our first names.

    2. My own mother almost never watches TV. We don’t have the set up where we all watch together. We have all watched on the VCR, but the volume on the remote doesn’t work so it is an adult or the oldest child who changes the volume on the TV. I do ask my kids to get me cups of coffee.

    3. My mother rarely ran into people she knew at the grocery store and i don’t remember ever tugging on her pants to leave as a child. I rarely take my kids on errands. When they were younger I would go to the grocery store in the evenings after dinner, and now that I have a 12 year old I can leave them at home alone! I have one friend who stops and talks so much (to me!) that I feel bad for her child. If I am running errands with a kid it is sort of a special mother/child event so I wouldn’t talk too long. We don’t run a lot of errands, we don’t often buy stuff, but if I want to run to the nursery to buy garden plants or something, I try to go alone because otherwise I’ll have the get the child something which will require digging up more lawn to plant it and changing watering systems and it is a big deal…


    • 1. When I was little, we had good friends whose son called them by their first names. I never really knew why, but in my head I explained it as “I guess he wasn’t smart enough to figure out they are supposed to be called ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad'”. We also have a family story of my uncle when he was a toddler calling his dad “Mr.” for 6 months. Because they were living next door to a family with 6 kids and the peer pressure confused him 🙂 Are your kids trying out using your real names in order to get your goat, or is it a sincere thing for some reason? Is it an actual thing among people you know? I only knew the one kid growing up and it was WEIRD and everyone else used Mom and Dad.

      2. I don’t think we ever turned up the volume on the TV. Because when we had a non-remote TV, we were so young that we were in the zone of “Not Allowed to Touch the Very Expensive TV”. And then we got the remote, and became the little people with the job of wandering around the living room tracking down remotes before we could watch anything.

      3. How did I spend my childhood running errands with my Mom? Maybe it’s because she was less organized? Or my Dad came home from work late so we just had time for dinner and bed? Or maybe it was just no internet? Every time we needed something as simple as underwear, it meant a trip to the store because there was no other way to get it. Unless you were organized enough to know in advance what your children would need and order it from a catalog. Which gets back to the “less organized” theory. I do remember the magical moment when my sister was old enough that we could just stay home. The freedom! The joy of no Momness!!!! And I suppose on her side, also the joy of no childness.

      On Mon, May 10, 2021 at 10:22 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Aha! That is the difference I bet! My Mom had the luxury of running out for anything she forgot.

          On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 1:54 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. In my parents home and in mine we always use “mom”, “dad”, “grandma” and not the names when we talk with kids.

    But Sicilians (or maybe all Italians) have a strange way to talk to kids. When e.g a grandpa talks with his grandson/grandaughter, he says: “Listen grandpa, can you give me this?” Or “Grandpa, let’s go for a walk”; and not “Listen grandson/ Listen Giovanni, can you give me this?”. The same when a father talks with his child, it will be “Let’s go for a walk papà” and not “Let’s go for a walk son”. I think I will never understand this.


    • I think I will never understand it either! It sounds kind of like dialogue labels in a play. Who is saying this? Grandpa!

      On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 6:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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