Happy Birthday Waheedaji! Which of Your Costumes Makes Us Happiest?

Waheeda Rehman! Beautiful woman, amazing actress, can tear your heart out with a glance. But everyone talks about that, let’s talk about something no one talks about, her costumes!

Ooooo, chiffon tunic and fancy earrings! Earrings? Or hair piece?

GoldenFrames: Waheeda Rehman, the ageless beauty | Photogallery - ETimes

Dancing outfit! Very strong color combo

Waheeda rehman | Dance poses, Bollywood dance, Dance of india

That’s definitely a wig, right? But I like the white on white on white!

Waheeda Rehman: Forget bikini, never even wore a sleeveless blouse

Ooo! youthful and peppy!

37 Waheeda Rehman ideas | waheeda rehman, vintage bollywood, bollywood  actress

Performing outfit! sparkly!

Waheeda Rehman Dance from Guide (Part 1)

Sparkly from a closer angle!

Indian actress Waheeda Rehman in 1965 : OldSchoolCool

Coolest girl on the boat! Which is an achievement, when Asha Parekh and Helen are the other two girls.

Waheeda Rehman, Asha Parekh and Helen Are BFF Goals, Check Out the Picture  From Their Andaman Vacation


Svetik — Madhumati and Waheeda Rehman in “Shatranj”

That circle thing on her shoulder distracts me.

Waheeda Rehman with Iranian Star Fardin (1970) – Cineplot.com

Look! Look at how her bangles match her dress!

Filmfare: 50 - 60 | Waheeda rehman, Bollywood pictures, Vintage film

If you had to borrow one outfit, which would you pick? I think I’d do pink chiffon. Looks comfy!

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