Silly Sunday: Dostana Sequels I Would Have Liked to See!

Happy Sunday! And Happy Pride Month! Yesterday we watched Dostana together, today we consider sequels we would like to see! Real sequels, that deal with the unresolved emotions of the original.

Abhishek Gets Engaged to a Girl, Kirron Doesn’t Understand

Picture this! 2 years later, John and Abhishek are still happily living together. PC and Bobby are on a trip or something, referenced so we know they are still part of their lives, but not in this movie. And then Abhishek goes to a club because he is lonely while John is out of town and falls for the sassy bartender. Within a week, they are engaged. John is sad but comes around to whatever makes Abhishek happy. But then, PROBLEM!!! The bartender wants to meet Abhishek’s family, he tries to explain that it is complicated, she plows ahead and buys tickets to visit Kirron, and it turns into a farce because Kirron thinks John and Abhishek are a couple and keeps giving them the bedroom together and not understanding why this girl is even here and nagging John about when he is going to give her grandchildren. And then stuff happens, and at the end of it the girl has fallen in love with Abhishek’s cousin, and John and Abhishek have finally realized they are in love.

Question: Who should play Abhishek’s spunky bartender? I want a tomboy feel. Kalki? Anushka? Someone like that?

Second Question: Should the spunky bartender fall in love with Abhishek’s girl cousin or boy cousin? Girl cousin means Lesbians which is always good, but boy cousin means we could cast Kunal Kapoor which is also good.

Abhishek and John Have a Baby And Realize They Are A Family

Let’s have this be a Kirron thing again! Distant relatives of Abhishek die in a car crash, leaving their baby. Kirron gets into high gear and declares that this baby doesn’t have to go into foster care because it has family right in America. She tricks Abhishek and John into a car trip saying there is a “great inheritance”. And of course at the end of the trip, they arrive at a house to find a foster mother handing them a baby. Abhishek resists, but John is a softy and falls in love with the baby and they agree to take care of it until more appropriate relatives can be found. Of course Abhishek finally falls in love with the baby too (after John nags him to spend more time with it), and by the time a “proper” family has been found (distant cousins on the other side, man and wife with a house in the suburbs and a minivan), John and Abhishek are heart broken. And then there’s a big funny car chase when they go on the run with their baby, before finally being brought in. At which point the man and wife couple drop all charges because John and Abhishek and Baby are meant to be together, and the wife (Rani in a cameo, I’m thinking) gives a speech about how family isn’t a house or a car, but a feeling inside. And then John and Abhishek smile at each other and hold hands and cuddle the baby.

Question: In this plot, is it necessary to clarify that John and Abhishek are a romantic couple? Or is it taken as a given?

John and Abhishek and PC Realize They Were Meant to Be a Throuple

PC arrives back in the apartment after another fight with Bobby. John and Abhishek roll their eyes because she does this all the time and will go back home in a few days. They have a fun night out on the town, goof and are happy like before. But then before PC can go back home like she usually does, Bobby calls out of the blue. His first wife reached out and wants to see him and her son. He is taking the son and flying to India to visit her. He doesn’t know what is going to happen, but he owes it to his son to go and see. PC sinks into drunken depression and John and Abhishek keep her company. In the middle of their sad drunk, they end up having an orgy. Kissing, making love, etc. And wake up the next day all curled up together in bed like kittens. And then there’s a whole emotional push pull, they try to pretend it didn’t happen and go back to normal friendship, but it keeps happening again. They try to rationalize it, PC is going through a big emotional thing and John and Abhishek are being drawn in. Or, John and Abhishek haven’t had sex in a long time. Or there was always this curiosity and now it’s been satisfied. But then Bobby returns and offers PC to come back to him and she gives a big speech about how this is right, they were in denial all along. She kept leaving Bobby to return to John and Abhishek because it was her true home. John and Abhishek stopped having one night stands because it felt like being unfaithful. They should stop pretending this isn’t what it is. In the end, they say good-bye to Bobby with no hard feelings and go back to their throuple that they are meant to me.

Question: Should I kill Bobby instead or is that too depressing?


7 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: Dostana Sequels I Would Have Liked to See!

  1. This is fun! Here are my thoughts –
    – Throuple plot – could be fun…but it’s almost too obvious…the first movie built the chemistry so much that the audience would see it as a foregone conclusion… where is the tension? We would get bored waiting for the characters to finally realize what we already know…
    – Baby idea – this sounds great! But maybe keep the audience guessing as to whether they will be a romantic family or a platonic family…maybe everyone assumes they are a couple with the baby…leading to some comedy bits…then some drunken sparks/emotional bonding starts happening…and they realize they want to be a romantic family with the baby..
    – Engaged Idea – this is my favorite…and it sounds hilarious! Maybe Kiron becomes a very vocal LGBT ally to make up for the initial rejection….wears rainbow sarees to pride marches….she has become the adoptive mother of other rejected LGBTQ folks…who keep coming over to create comic situations with John/Abhishek…maybe Boman Irani is also one of her adoptive sons now?!?
    I would like Kalki to play the fiance…but not sure if I want her to fall in love…maybe she just gets fed up…she is the one who sees that John-Abhishek are meant to be…she makes their relationship happen and walks away


    • What if we combined the best bits of the Engaged Idea with the Baby Idea? That is, Kirron! She is always around as a vocal LGBT ally, basically forces the baby on them by making it an issue of whether a m-m couple can raise a baby, gets a reporter to come visit so they have to pretend to be a couple, and so on and so forth. Every time they start to think about other options, like one of them adopting as a single parent, Kirron sends another obstacle their way forcing them together again. And on top of that, she starts worrying that the “spark” has gone out of their relationship now that they are parents and telling embarrassing stories of how she and Abhishek’s Dad stayed “romantic” after baby, and doing things like sending them off on a romantic couples retreat. By the end, when the Perfect Family who they contacted way at the beginning shows up, John and Abhishek are in love with each other and the baby. Then there’s a sad song, then John and Abhishek confess their love and “it’s you. It’s always been you” kind of thing, and then join up to go get their baby back.


  2. Kirron would make such a terrifying ally. You could get a lot of mileage out of Abhishek trying to get up the courage to come out to her as straight, but she just always steamrolls right over him. But I feel like once he does actually tell her, that should be an unexpectedly calm scene. Maybe she surprises him by actually quietly accepting the fact that he lied to her. And she tones down her reactions afterwards, but still walks in the parade and the viewer can see that she’s still rooting for John and Abhi. Wouldn’t it be fun if she became unexpectedly subtle in trying to get them together for real? And once they do, she’s of course immediately back to her obnoxious levels of support and demanding more grandkids.


    • YES! I like this! That can be the halfway point, when Abhishek tells her he is straight. In the baby movie, she would still be all supportive of them as parents while also more subtle about making them think about what their life would be like if they weren’t living together as a family and why they want to be a family.

      In the fiance movie, she can switch to pretending to welcome the poor girl, but also subtly doing things like saying “Of course, John knows more about Ahishek than anyone” and sending them off together to check out romantic honeymoon spots and things.

      On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 12:49 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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