Saturday WatchAlong: Sonu Ki Titu Ke Sweety! 7:30am Chicago Time!

Happy Saturday! Sorry I overslept a bit!

I’m running late, no time for anything fance, this is the post and here we comment.

206 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Sonu Ki Titu Ke Sweety! 7:30am Chicago Time!

  1. Again, such a tight narrative!!!! We had to know ABSOLUTELY that she was evil before we got to the second half where it is all out war. Until now there was an interesting tension of if it was just jealousy or real, now we get to the juicy stuff.

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  2. Feminist film theory argument: it is more feminist to have this movie where the “perfect” daughter-in-law is secretly evil nad playing them all against each other, than a movie where she was ACTUALLY perfect. Because in this film, she has Agency. Evil agency, but still Agency.

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  3. I have to get going but have fun everyone!

    Thanks for hosting such a great pride movie, Margaret! I am so happy Popka finally gets to watch it.

    Kirre and Popka – Have a great weekend! Happy Pride!

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    • Exactly! And it would have been so easily possible. Show Karthik and Nushrat getting together at the end and all three continue live together. This is why the ending annoys me so much!!! Everyone with eyes can see that Nushrat and Karthik are perfect for each other and Karthik and Sunny are true love forever!


  4. See???? The difficult dating relationship was better and more real than this rush to marry the “perfect” woman. Dating is good! Women are complicated!


  5. See, this whole thing with her character is like a direct contradiction to his angry speech at the beginning! And NO ONE GOT IT!!! They just saw the angry speecha nd went “oooo, misogyny”. They didn’t keep watching and see that ultimately Karthik was proved wrong, she really loved Titu.

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  6. MORE FEMINISM! The plot relies on a basic assumption that no one would leave a drunk female friend alone in a nightclub because it’s not the decent thing to do.

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  7. This scene makes me SO HAPPY. I mean, it’s sad, but it makes me happy. This is what it means to say a female character has a “voice”. She’s got a freakin’ MONOLOGUE! The sexy ex! With a monologue!

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      • The thing is, at the start at the movie I could have gotten behind the two of them getting together even with the misogyny, but at the end I feel like Karthik’s and Sunny’s feelings for Nushrat are too strong for that.


        • So while I was half joking in my previous comment, I think the movie should have ended with Karthik and Nurshrat getting together and all three of them living in the same house. Like the Old Gays and the grandmother.

          To me, Nushrat and Karthik are perfect for each other! They are diabolical, fierce, and true equals who will challenge each other in a great way. Karthik and Sunny are pure love. I never saw the romantic chemistry between Sunny and Nushrat. So to me, once Karthik and Nushrat get together, Sunny will realize that he prefers Nushrat as a friend, and they will all live happily ever after!!!


  8. I’ve shown this song to so many people, and they assume either it has a different meaning in context, or it is played for laughs. NO! IT is literally about the heartbreak of the man he loves marrying someone else! Played for tears!

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