Annual Discussion Post: RD Burman or AR Rahman? Who is Better and Why?

Yes, the eternal question! Let’s see if anyone cares to enter the debate this year! Or if we are all beyond these petty rivalries and don’t care.

Brace yourself, I’m going for it, AR RAHMAN IS BETTER!!!!!


He works in more genres (jazz, rock, Carnatic, Islamic, and pop)

He is more international (traditional soundtracks for American films, Broadway shows, and Indian film)

He is more National (worked in multiple language industries)

And this year he is going to OFFICIALLY OUTLIVE RD!!!!! Therefore, his music will be more mature than RD’s ever was, and his career longer.

The WINNER!!!!


4 thoughts on “Annual Discussion Post: RD Burman or AR Rahman? Who is Better and Why?

  1. RD Burman, I have just consistently liked his songs compared to AR Rahman where sometimes it’s brilliant and other times just okay (this is talking about their famous albums). Also as a kid I grew up more to listening and enjoying RD Burman’s songs so there’s the nostalgia factor too.


  2. I don’t think is a fair comparison. Burman lived in the 60s and 70s where nobody paid much attention to Bollywood. I thought he was a game changer when it comes to music, and his music is timeless. I still listen to his songs, but I don’t know the last time I went through a Rahman playlist fully.


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