Happy Birthday to My Sister!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sister! I sent her a WONDERFUL present, but I’m not sure if her little toddler boss will let her open it right away. So I am creating another present that she can read on her phone with one hand while holding a little hand.

My sister and I found Indian film at the same time, separately, which is how we tend to do things. Like she had a little boy baby and I got a little boy dog at the same time without consulting with each other. She took a class on Indian film in college at the same time I got serious of asking all my friends in college to recommend movies to me. And then for her birthday that year, I bought my very first Indian cd in the Indian neighborhood, the soundtrack to Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

A few years later we went to see our first Indian film in theaters, Bunty Aur Babli. We had to take a commuter train all the way out to the suburbs, but it was sooooooo worth it! Great movie and great experience. Even if we had to sit in the Mexican restaurant across the street eating nachos and waiting an hour for the last train home afterwards. Also, she said it was Aishwarya Rai in the song, and I said that wasn’t possible, and then she was right.

Not every movie we saw in theaters was a hit. When I visited her while she was living in New Jersey, we saw the new Himmatwala in theaters. That is a baaaaaaaaaaad movie.

A few years later, when we were on a driving trip together, we saw Housefull 3 in theaters. Also a baaaaaaaaaaad movie.

But thank goodness, on that same trip I showed her a whole bunch of good movies on streaming, including MCA which has this very appropriate song for today!


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