Wednesday Watching Post: What Movies Are On Your “My Sister Must Watch This” List?

Happy Wednesday!  I’m trying something new again, giving you a question to answer, or at least a place to start discussion, along with the usual “what are you watching and thinking and reading this week?” questions.

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Raabta Podcast! With Special Guest, MY SISTER!!!

New podcast!  As I said in the review, I saw Raabta with my sister, thinking it would be a fun so-bad-it’s-good kind of sister experience, like when we watched Aashiqui 2 together.  But it turned out to be actually good!  So good that we spent 40 minutes talking about it on the way home.

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My Sister’s in Chennai! Thus, I Missed a Post Today

I don’t know if anyone pays as much attention to my scheduling of these things as I do.  But if you do, you will have noticed that I put out my early/midmorning post today, and my middle-of-the-day post, but I missed my evening post.  It’s because of a bunch of reasons, which all boil down to one: my sister’s in Chennai!

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