Silly Sunday: 3 Ideas for the Alia-Kat-PC Movie! Amar Akbar Anthony Remake and Others

I’m gonna get back on a SCHEDULE!!! Through out the pandemic, keeping to a blog schedule has kept me sane. Throwing it out the window during moving week was NOT HEALTHY. So I’m gonna make an effort and do the posts that are supposed to go up on the days they are supposed to go up. With that in mind, Silly Sunday!

First Idea, Remake of 3 Smart Girls

This is one of my sister and my’s all time FAVORITE movies. It’s from back in our Deanna Durbin phase, she has a lot of great movies (Billy Wilder wrote some of them, before he started directing), but this one is the best because it is so silly and happy and also has young Ray Milland. Ooooo, young Ray Milland!

Ray Milland High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

Anyway, plot! 3 daughters of divorce get a call from their father’s loyal butler telling them he is engaged to a horrible woman. They borrow money from their nanny and run away and travel from the country where they live with their mother to the city where their father is. The oldest sister quickly starts up a flirty thing with the Dad’s loyal secretary. The youngest sister is adorable and bonds quickly with the Dad. But the Ray Milland plot is THE BEST. He is a very wealthy young man visiting New York who spots the middle sister when she is sending a telegram to her mother and is immediately charmed by her. Later, he is mistaken for the gigolo they hired to pretend to be rich and romance the golddigger girlfriend away from their father. He goes along with it because he is so charmed by the middle sister, and uses it as an excuse to see her again. In the end, the youngest sister runs away, the girlfriend isn’t sympathetic about it and the Dad dumps her, and at the last minute it is revealed that Ray Milland isn’t a gigolo, but a wealthy eligible bachelor who is in love with the middle sister. And then Mother arrives at the very end and she and Father have a little spark as soon as they meet again.

This would be PERFECT for PC-Kat-Alia!!!! With just a little updating. Parents got married very young in Delhi, mother was from an Anglo-Indian family, she and father had a fight and she moved back to London. Girls did the year in London and the summers in India, but since getting older have drifted away from their Dad a bit, only Skype calls. PC is a high powered successful businesswoman working at a corporation. Kat is a sweet kind of lost young woman who is living at home and being an artist. And Alia is in grad school, still growing up. They learn their Dad is engaged and then get a call from their Dad’s loyal servant dishing that the woman is HORRIBLE and is going to ruin his life. At the same time, their Mom just broke up with her latest boyfriend and she says something to the girls about how “you know, I think the only time I really knew love was with your father”. Alia comes up with a plan that they should go to Delhi and break up their Dad’s engagement. PC says “no”, because she loves her job and is up for a big promotion. Kat says “no” because she has fallen in love at first sight again and rushed into a relationship again. But then PC doesn’t get the promotion and feels like a failure at work, and Kat’s “true love” dumps her, and tells her that love at first sight isn’t a real thing. So they go along with Alia’s plan, partly just to escape their own problems.

When they arrive in Delhi, they surprise their Dad (Boman Irani) and threaten the girlfriend who is clearly a golddigger (Juhi Chawla!). PC also hits it off with their Dad’s chief assistant at his corporation, Akshaye Khanna, who appreciates her business genius. Then at lunch, Kat excuses herself to send a text to their Mom and starts thinking and talking out loud about what to say (a habit everyone teases her about). Hrithik Roshan, casually wealthy Anglo Indian visiting Delhi, overhears her and is immediately charmed and falls in love at first sight. Akshaye Khanna suggests they break up Boman and Juhi by hiring a gigolo to pretend to be even richer, and Akshaye has the perfect person. His friend will come to the same restaurant as them that night, they will pretend to know him and introduce him as “very very rich” to Juhi. And they can recognize him, because he will be carrying a distinctive magazine. The friend, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, messes up and loses the magazine. Hrithik, coincidentally, picks it up. And when Kat greets him as an old friend and invites him to have dinner with them, he goes along with it.

A blonde Juhi Chawla for <i>Luck By Chance</i>

Stuff keeps happening, Boman helps the three sisters feel better about themselves, has an honest conversation with PC in which he tells her she is really smart and she needs to quit her job and find a place that appreciates her. Has a conversation with Kat in which he tells her that love at first sight does exist because he had it with their mother (Shabana Azmi) and she shouldn’t give up on following her heart. And has a conversation with Alia in which he tells her it’s not her fault that her parents broke up (Alia’s secret fear, since they got divorced right after her birth). They were having problems before she was born, if anything she kept them together a little longer.

And then happy ending. Juhi gets stood up by Hrithik one too many times (because he is off with Kat instead) and suggests an elopement to Boman. Alia runs away because she is so upset, everyone freaks out about this young woman from London lost in Delhi, Juhi isn’t sympathetic enough, Boman dumps her, Alia reappears (after a song in which she charms and wins over all the drivers at a cab stand where she is hiding), and then Hrithik shows up and reveals who he really is and asks Kat to marry him. In the epilogue, at Hrithik and Kat’s wedding, Shabana and Boman meet again and clearly the old feelings come back.

Remake of the Good Girls TV Show

This is a remarkably good show, with GREAT roles for women. But also exhausting and complicated, so I’m gonna simplify it way way down. Three women, one of them is the perfect homemaker and stuck in a marriage with a man who cheats on her. Her best friend is in a great marriage, but stuck desperate for money because her daughter has health issues. And then there is the younger sister of the first woman, who got pregnant young and loves her kid but has never really grown up. The first woman learns her husband has managed to destroy their finances which inspires her to suggest they rob a convenience store so they can all get the money they need. The robbery attracts the attention of a local hood who hires them to help him launder money and other criminal enterprises. And then a lot more stuff happens, but I think that is enough for a movie.

Good Girls' Review: Christina Hendricks Stars in NBC Drama - Variety

PC is the perfect homemaker. Married the “rich” boy who proposed to her in college (Arjun Rampal, he can do slimey) because she wanted the security, and now is bored and unfulfilled. Kat is her best friend, married to a great guy (Nawazuddin Siddiqui, I like the idea of her with someone average looking), but stressed about their daughter’s health expenses. And PC’s little sister is Alia, who eloped at 18 with her high school boyfriend (Varun, obviously), and then got pregnant, and then broke up with him. She struggles to make enough money to support her daughter and herself. PC learns both that Arjun is cheating on her, and that he has run through all their money and they are deeply in debt and about to lose their house. In desperation, she suggests that they rob the mall where Alia is working. They do, but are noticed by the gangster who the mall paid protection money too (Aditya Roy Kapoor). He tracks down the three women easily and threatens them, but PC talks their way out of it by pointing out that three women who no one would suspect could be useful to him.

Alia starts a romance with the new manager at the mall, Sid M, not knowing he is an undercover cop trying to find the thieves. PC and Sanjay eventually start up a thingy thingy. Kat and Nawazuddin stay happy. And then a bunch of stuff happens, and I don’t know exactly how it all works out, but the three women are kidnapped by a top-top gangster, let’s say Paresh Rawal, and the three men have to work together to rescue them, all the couples are united, Sid M agrees to look the other way if Sanjay turns over a new leaf, and in the end they have opened their own mall with the takings from their criminal enterprises.

Female Version of Amar Akbar Anthony

I mean, do I need to explain any more than this? PC is a cop, Kat is a bar owner on the wrong side of town, and Alia is a Qawalli singer. They each have a romance, PC rescues a pretty boy from the gang that is using him (Sid M) and takes him home with her. Kat falls for a wild rich boy visiting from out of town ( Aditya Roy Kapoor). And Alia has a long time boyfriend whose father doesn’t approve (Ali Fazal). They don’t realize that they are actually sisters, their mother was wrongfully imprisoned, and in the meantime their father fell ill and all the children were scattered. Their father is now a blind begger that all three of them have befriended without knowing who he is (Anupam Kher). Their mother has become a crime kingpin and the adoptive mother of Ayushmann Khurrana (obviously, this is Tanvi Azmi). Lots of stuff happens, they finally recognize each other when all three of their boyfriends are kidnapped together and they have to unit, in elaborate disguises, to rescue them.

It’s The Perfect Movie.


7 thoughts on “Silly Sunday: 3 Ideas for the Alia-Kat-PC Movie! Amar Akbar Anthony Remake and Others

  1. I’d watch any of these, but if I had to pick, I think 3 Smart Girls is my favorite. I feel like the actual movie is gonna take the ZMND route, one long road trip about self discovery and all that. But these have great plots, which is sometimes better than boring self discovery.


    • Yaaaaaaaaaaay! I also love 3 Smart Girls, both my remake and the original. I like plots with plots! Although if anyone is going to do a plotless film, I want it to be Zoya and reema.

      On Sun, Aug 15, 2021 at 11:25 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. Is there a movie in which PC has chemistry with another female? She has chemistry with Farhan, and with Ranveer, and with SRK when she is supposedly having an affair with him, but I haven’t seen her have chemistry with female co-leads. Of course, I haven’t seen everything.

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