Marvel Recasting Post: Just for Funsies!

Almost positive I already did this at some point. But whatevs! We can always talk about it again!

Iron Man: Aamir Khan. I will accept nothing else. Naughty, fun, smart, fast talking, short and talkative, but with a core of decency.

Captain America: Sid M. I love Sid M! And I think this straight decent no subtlety kind of role is perfect for him.

Thor: Hrithik. Royalty, fantasy, and abs! He has everything!

Ant-Man: Shahukh Khan. Struggling small time thief and single Dad, trying to start a second act in life.

The Falcon/Captain America: Saif Ali Khan. Minority, comfortable in his own skin, able to listen to and respect others while staying his own way, grows into heroism. Alternative, Ali Zafar if we want to go younger.

Bucky Barnes: Varun Dhawan, for sure!!!! Best friend of Captain America with a dangerous sexy edge to it.

Black Widow: Katrina Kaif. Gorgeous, mysterious, but with a warm emotionality to her.

The Hulk: Salman. Just makes me giggle. Plus, would have good chemistry with Black Widow.

Loki: Vikrant Massey. OBVIOUSLY!!!! Would act rings around Hrithik and be hilarious while doing it.

Captain Marvel: Anushka Sharma. Tough and a little bit tomboy.

Scarlet Witch: Alia Bhatt. Young, sensitive, a little heartbroken.

Vision: Jim Sarbh. Ooo, or should this be Loki and Vikrant be Vision? I don’t know! You decide!

What do you think? And you don’t have to answer ALL of them, just the characters you know/care about.


14 thoughts on “Marvel Recasting Post: Just for Funsies!

  1. Perfect!

    Now how about the bad guys?
    Ultron – Mahmooty
    Thanos – Tom Alter
    Dr. Doom – Akshay Kumar
    Abomination – Jackie Shroff
    Hela- -Kangana

    Will entertain additions and substitutions.


    • I wanna make Helas into Kareena!!!! That would be perfect. And for Thanos, I wanna go with Sanjay Dutt.

      On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 2:15 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Yea I am with Vikrant being Vision while Jim Sarbh being Loki. Jim’s delightfully hammy acting in Raabta is ALL in Loki territory. While Vikrant being all soft and pretty is good for Vision.


  3. I want the Black Widow character, rewritten for SRK. Sexy, Dangerous with some warmth, turn it into a man and SRK it for me and I’m happy. And I have now problem if he then starts a relationship with the Hulk.


    • But the Black Widow has to be structurally powerless in comparison to the other characters! That’s the whole thing, there’s an extra element of proving herself/acceptance. What about Black Widow re-written for SRK, but the rest of the movie is still in America? So he’s a brown skinned immigrant Muslim proving himself and stuff?

      On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 9:28 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • OKay, also, I don’t actually know the plot lines of these characters. Just some of their vibes. So as long as SRK gets to be sexy in black I’m good.


        • If we keep the original casting, SRK and Mark Ruffalo? I am THERE for that pairing!

          On Thu, Aug 19, 2021 at 12:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Odin – Amitabh (strong, imperious, a bit cold)
    Frigga – Madhuri (warm, loving, beautiful)
    The Ancient One – Naseeruddin Shah Dr Strange’s mentor)
    Dr Strange – Rana (already has the beard)
    Nick Fury – Jackie Shroff (founder of the Avengers + and head of SHIELD)
    Spiderman – Vijay Raaz (come on – give me this one. He IS very agile)


  5. Wow, none from South India made it to the list. Not even for the antagonists. But that’s okay. I respect your choices for what they are, except for two.

    I would rather see SRK play Doctor Strange. Would be refreshing to see him play something grave And yet not so heroic. Ant-man might be benefitted by someone like Ayushmann Khurana. And, honestly, Taapsee would be a better choice for Black Widow than Katrina. I want something more than a pretty face for that one, and Katrina may not pull off the pathos that lies behind the tough exterior.

    PS. Any legit casting choices for pulling off a Black Panther? Though we had a Lion King and a Baahubali, and Black Panther is set in the African-American political scenario, would like to see whom you recommend.

    PPS. Can we have something like this for Harry Potter too?


    • Dulquer’s dad Mammooty is South Indian and how about Prabhu Deva as Black Panther? Dark enough? He looks just like my West Indian husband.


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