Documentary Genres in Indian Film Format

This is gonna be a silly silly post, the only purpose of which is to make me giggle. Don’t get offended! I still totally take documentaries and Indian films seriously, both in their own way!

Not making anything up, these are the actual plots of these movies!

A Crusading Journalist and an Honest Cop work together to over throw a wrongful conviction, “Tip Tip Barse”

A dedicated young woman works to prove that her sister’s death was murder, not suicide, “O Haseena Zulfanwali”

A woman struggles with leaving the remote religious community which is all she has ever known, “Kitchen Scene”

A multi-decade investigation of the growth of “medicine for profit” and the victims left in its wake, “Macho”

A woman’s nightmare of stalking that lasted for years, “Jaadu Tere Nazar”

Education reform, as the entrenched powers that act as gatekeepers are challenged to have an egalitarian educational system, “Zinda Rehta”

And of course, the killer who is closer than you think, “Kaali Kaali Aankhen”


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