Friday WatchAlong: Eega/Eecha/Makkhi! 3pm Chicago Time!

Happy Friday! Were you worried I forgot? I almost did. My Dad was over and we were deep into home repairs.

Eega! Easily available through many sources, super fun, and without further ado, here we are!

Wait for me to put up an “And PLAY” comment and then start following along.


160 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Eega/Eecha/Makkhi! 3pm Chicago Time!

  1. Kid: that’s pretty cool, now he’s a better looking fly.

    Kid: OMG the people animating this must have laughed so hard.

    Me: but he’s still a fly? He doesn’t get to move up a rung, to bird or something? He’s just going to stick with flies now?

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  2. Thank you thank you for watching this with me! Cheery thing to watch on a rainy Friday afternoon. now I am going to go buy butter, and then make toast in my very own new toaster.

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