Friday WatchAlong: Eega/Eecha/Makkhi! 3pm Chicago Time!

Happy Friday! Were you worried I forgot? I almost did. My Dad was over and we were deep into home repairs.

Eega! Easily available through many sources, super fun, and without further ado, here we are!

Wait for me to put up an “And PLAY” comment and then start following along.


160 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Eega/Eecha/Makkhi! 3pm Chicago Time!

  1. I love how quickly Sudeep accepted the whole “reincarnated fly trying to kill me” thing. Like, no big questions about God or The Afterlife or anything. Just jumped to how to defeat the fly.

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  2. Fly training sequence!

    Picturing late night with the screenwriters in a room cracking each other up.

    The song has kid’s full attention. He has put down the video game. 🙂

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    • IDK, feel like carrying a big old needle would make a fly slow and easy to smush even without a giant magnet that happens to be sitting right next to you.


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