Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Work on BOATS!

Happy Saturday! Today is the day we take the sailboat out of the lake!!! Which involves a lot of confusion and complaining at each other, and then a nice relaxing relief feeling once it is done. Basically the same as any hard collective family task. Like putting up a Christmas tree.

Things to talk about!

Nish says rumors are flying that Kat and Vicky have an official wedding date in December. Having been burned by the infinite rumors of Malaika and Arjun, Ranbir and Alia, Ranveer and Dips, etc., I don’t necessarily believe it. More importantly, do I WANT to believe it?

Vicky seems like a nice enough fellow, and he is young enough that he could still give Kat the family life she craves. But, I don’t know, I have a kind of “settling” feeling? Like, she has been burned by so many bad relationships she is just going with the first nice guy who is kind to her? I fear that she will get the babies and family she wants, and then in 5 years the marriage will fall apart. What do you think?

When Vicky Kaushal proposed Katrina Kaif for marriage in front of Salman  Khan | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Sidharth Shukla died and it’s just kind of sad. Do you know who he is? In DCIB-land, we know him as “the fiance in Humpty Sharma”. In the real world, he was a model turned TV actor and host who seemed hardworking and stable and people generally got along with him. He died at 40 of a heart attack. If he was more famous, probably we would have a whole conspiracy theory. But since he is short of that, it is allowed to just be a sad random thing. Sometimes people die of a natural causes at a young age. Anyway, Sidharth Shukla! Let’s remember how perfect he was in Humpty, a nice untouchable guy with the perfect look for the role.

Sidharth Shukla death: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, and Bollywood dreams of  the TV star - Television News

The new Ten Rings Marvel movie, is anyone seeing it in theaters? I really really want to! Because it’s my guy, from Kim’s Convenience! But also, I’m spooked. What do you think? Is it worth the risk? Especially if I do a super early matinee show that would be empty?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - IMDb

22 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Work on BOATS!

  1. I will just comment like this was a Wednesday thing. That day is otherwise exhausting to me and I might be just too tired the days after.

    Watching: Art house films on MUBI. There are some old Indian films there (but they are also in einthusan so I don’t sweat not watching them). I’ve mostly watched French New Wave films or films (Agnes Varda is amazing, but I find Truffaut boring as heck) in that Italian neorealistic style (‘La Dolce Vita’ is already one of my favourite movies ever). They calm me for some reason. Nowadays movies are so hectic with their sharp cuts that these art house films relax me with their slower pace, letting me just watch them without looking too hard. Also, Wong Kar-wai films are amazing! I’ve fallen in love with them in such a short time, but they are something special.

    Have you/Are you planning on watching the Camila Cabello ‘Cinderella’? I tried watching it, but I guess I need to take it pieces, not as a whole to get through it.

    Reading: A book about Marseille, I love history/cultural books about cities. There should be one for every city just to get all the interesting stories and what happened there etc. Also, a book about how to analyse literature, which is an easy read, just to prepare me for those classes when they come.

    Thinking: I can’t wait to start cooking some Indian dishes at home. The supermarket close by has a good quantity of things from Asia, from noodles to dumplings to spices. It will be fun to start doing that when the need arrives!


    I want Kat and Vicky to marry! They are both in that mature age and their interview thing that they did just oozes chemistry. I don’t like shipping real people, but I do want her to be happy and if Vicky is the one to do it then I will be so happy for her.

    I probably won’t be seeing the new Marvel in theatres or any movie anytime soon. But do take some early time to see it. It has Tony Leung for goodness sake!!! The man is an icon!


    • OMG, Wong Kar-Wai!!!! Did you catch the Indian bit in Chungking Express? Obviously it is an amazing movie in every way, but part of their sense of the Hong Kong setting is the little nod to the desi diaspora, which I honestly don’t think I have seen in any other Hong Kong movie. If you like him, you should also check out Johnnie To. All his stuff is equally good. Really, Hong Kong is just a sinkhole of talent, when I went through my Hong Kong phase it felt like I was never going to run out of supremely talented directors. If you want something desi and similar, try out K. Balachander black and white stuff, it’s on the Rajshri youtube channel and the images are just mindblowing. In other soothing precise pretty art filme options, I find Tati super soothing and fun, and I also dislike Trauffaut. Too French.

      I’m not planning to watch Cinderella, it looks so over the top and exhausting. I thought at first it was a new version of the Rogers and Hammerstein one, and that I definitely would have watched. But not something all mixed up and weird.

      I dug deep into Chicago history for a while, and then ran out of energy for it. But it was super fun knowing all the little stories and ins and outs for the city I live in! I haven’t really gotten interested in other cities like that. Have you read the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil? It’s very very well written and kind of an interesting meandering story of a city.

      I can’t wait to start cooking either! Cooking ANYTHING! I am so close to having my kitchen in a state where I can actually use it.

      On Sat, Sep 4, 2021 at 12:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I will try and see those other Hong Kong directors, it’s just the availability to see them on any place other than MUBI is impossible. Also when it comes to Tati. And yes! I saw the Indian part in Chungking Express! It was amazing!

        I will try to see to get my hands on the Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil at some point. 😀

        I can’t wait for you to start cooking as well! Your house looks so nice, comfy and I love the pink bathroom!!


    • I just put up my thoughts on Cinderella below, but if you are considering watching it, do it if you love, jukebox musicals (I do. Mamma Mia is one of my absolute favorites!); Idina Menzel, James Corbin; humor from movies like Pitch Perfect, and 30 Rock! It is great!

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  2. I don’t hold it against Kat for clinging to a nice guy. After so many disastrous relationships, she deserves to be happy, and if Vicky makes her happy, I can support it.

    The teenage Indian diaspora might still be reacting to Sidharth Shukla a similar way to SSR. I was watching some YouTube videos of the Shershaah tracks and the comments were flooded with “RIP SIDHARTH SHUKLA” when he had literally nothing to do with the movie. Idk if people just react that way normally.

    I’ve only been to the movies twice this year, and both times, it was way less crowded than I anticipated. Less than half full, maybe a third. No clue how Chicago is, and I have no plans to see Ten Rings, but I think people might be shying away from the movies for the most part, so I think you’re fine. Maybe wait a week or two so opening buzz dies down–this seems like the kind of movie that will be around for a while. I think I’m putting myself more at risk by teaching in a room full of unruly teenagers than you would be going to the movies once.

    On an unrelated note, I wanna decorate my work computer but the tech guy told me I can’t take the given case off or put stickers on it. One coworkers has a couple stickers, but she has tenure and I don’t, so I don’t wanna risk it and get in trouble. Another coworker slipped something behind the case (it’s a clear case with a black border) so I think I might do that. Any ideas what I can put there? Anywhere I can get art prints or something? It’s a new Macbook Air.


  3. I’ll watch Ten Rings for Tony Leung when it comes to Disney in October.

    I love Katrina but I don’t look to the men for her series of failed relationships. It’s something in Kat herself. We all know how driven and perfection-centered she is. That might chase away any guy a notch lower in the ambition scale. She and Salman are “good friends” but I think that’s where she left her heart.


  4. Honestly, I think Vicky is really hot and also a good actor, she’s lucky to have him. Not that he isn’t lucky to have her, I love Kat. I think they’re a great couple and hope they do get married. She might have more star power but he has more artistic cachet, which to me makes them more evenly matched.


    • I hope if they do get married, she gives him a career boost. I like Vicky, but it feels like he is stuck at “action films” (blech). All the publicity around a Kat wedding might slide him over to big budget romances or comedies or something.

      On Sat, Sep 4, 2021 at 3:14 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. Curious why Vicky feels like settling to you? Is it because he’s an actor but not as big a star as she is? Younger? Would it be different if he were outside the industry? Who would you match with Kat?

    I’m hoping to see Shang-Chi in theaters with the kids, but like you we’d look for an off peak time. And depending on how things are going here pandemic wise once school starts next week. Also waiting to hear from the opening weekend watchers if it’s worth it.

    So chill here with just the big kid and me, I can laze around of a weekend morning and not be judged. Though we did go on a major odyssey this afternoon to get our post-trip COVID tests. Who knew pharmacies and walk-in clinics close for the holiday weekend?


    • Hmmm, why does he feel like settling? I think it is as shallow as the way they have been presented in the press. After the flurry of coverage around Ranbir and Salman, and rumors about this and that and leaked stories about romantic trips, the zero coverage of Vicky and Katrina makes me feel like they just have a bland out of nowhere relationship. Plus, the way Vicky is presented in the press. He’s all serious and quiet and blah blah blah. He feels boring and dull and so does their relationship. But I’m shallow, one cute in depth interview about their first date and stuff, and they could easily win me over. And then on the shallow in another way scale, Kat has been a major star for almost two decades, and she dated the two most eligible bachelors in Hindi film, and Vicky is comparatively new on the scene and just not as showy and spectacular.

      When you say “the big kid”, my first thought is always a “honey I blew up the kid” situation, you and some giant child who sleeps in the backyard.

      On Sat, Sep 4, 2021 at 9:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • That’s how I feel about the latest photos of my nephew! His dimple fat legs are skinny long sticks all of a sudden. Why do kids keep growing?

          On Sun, Sep 5, 2021 at 2:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. I have so many thoughts on all these topics but I will have to get back to them later. But for now, we are going to go watch Ten Rings today. They are playing it every 30 minutes at the theater by me, so there are many time slots with plenty of empty seats and fairly empty theater.


      • Okay so here are my thoughts on all these topics.

        1. I don’t think Kat and Vicky are engaged/have a wedding date. Vickey’s father dismissed the rumors completely and his father has a LOT of opinions, especially about is career. I like Vicky and Kat together if she likes him, but for some reason, I feel protective towards Kat, and what worries me is Vicky’s family going down the same path as Ranbir’s. I am afraid his family is going to discourage the marraige because “Vicky is still trying to establish his career,” or “Kat is fine to date but not marry because she she doesn’t come from an Indian family” and all the other ANNOYING,YUCKY reasons they can think of. My only hope is that Vicky has more decency and a backbone than Ranbir and stands up for her. If he does, I am all for them!

        2. I saw that Sidharth Shukla died and while it made me sad, I hoped that because he was not as famous as some of the other actors who died suddenly, he will just be allowed to rest in peace and his death will not be made into a spectacle. To a large extent it seems like that is what is happening.

        3. I watched 10 Rings in theater and IT WAS SOOO FUN! I am so happy we watched it in theaters because it was just visually stunning. We almost watched it in 3D and I am very happy I pursuaded my husband and sister against that. I think it would have been too much in 3D. But the movie is so good Awkwafina continues to be one of the funniest humans around. And, while everyone else in the theater was super excited about Tony Leung (they was actually applause when he came on screen), I was so excited to see Simu Liu (who will always be Jung to me) from Kim’s Convenience because I am shallow and he is HOT! They catered to my shallowness and gave him a couple of shirtless scenes. It was spectacular!

        4. We watched Cinderella because 1) I LOVE Idina Menzel. (Side note, if she ever appears again on Boradway and people have a chance to see her, they should because she is EXCELLENT!!!) and 2) it is written and directed by someone I consider the GREATEST OF ALL TIME — the writer of Pitch Perfect movies, 30 Rock, New Girl, and Baby Mama! I am so happy I watched it because it was hilarious (I actually laughed out loud at least a few times) and the songs were AMAZING! Nothing beats Idina singing Material Girl by Madonna! So, if others are considering watching it, they really should! I am happy to post this on the Monday post as well if others will see that more and want my opinion.

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        • 1. YES! Maybe that is why I feel nervous? Vicky hasn’t made a public thing of their relationship, and maybe that is making me worried he is ashamed of her?

          2. Yes, I think I also saw that his family was very firm about shutting down any publicity around his death. Good for them.

          3. Ooooo! It’s Grandpa Birthday Spectacular this weekend, but maybe I do 10 Rings as a reward for surviving it? Or sneak off with my cousin and watch it just us?

          4. Scratch that, Cinderella is clearly the idea cousin activity! Her boyfriend’s gonna be there too, but we can just tell him to shut up.

          On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 5:40 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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