Important Question! Which Anjaam Song is the MOST???

Thank goodness, Red Chillies finally managed to buy Anjaam, which means the songs are remastered and available on youtube. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Truly, it is a FABULOUS collection of songs. Especially considering how very odd the movie is as a whole.

Anjaam songs! Just gonna go through in order as they appear in the movie and then we can figure out rankings later:

“Badi Mushkil”, one of the CUTEST SRK songs ever! With Madhuri making faces at him and being cute.

Madhuri doing a big Madhuri style dance at a wedding, “Channe Ke Khet Mein”

Shahrukh’s weird fantasy version of Madhuri, intercut with some very unfortunate 90s jeans on Madhuri, “Tu Saamne Jab”

Big performance number with an audience, SRK fantasizing Madhuri dancing, “Main Kolhapur Se Aaye Hoon”

“Pratighat Ki Jalwa”, the one song Red Chillies didn’t make available, Madhuri as Avenging Goddess.

And finally, “Baarso Ke Baad”, Madhuri at her SEXIEST.

I was going to ask which of these was the most Madhuri, but then I decided to just ask which of these is the MOST. Most over the top, most fabulous, most entertaining, most 90s, most EVERYTHING.

I pick “Barso Ke Baad” with “Tu Saamne” as a runner up. “Tu Saamne”s combination of snake fetish fantasy and hideous shirts is just so SO much.


6 thoughts on “Important Question! Which Anjaam Song is the MOST???

  1. I didn’t see this movie in the 90s, so I don’t have the time frame and historical understanding to say which is the most. But I will say that Channe Ke Khet Mein is my favorite song of the film and one of my all time favorite Madhuri songs, except that I think it is my favorite because of all SRK’s close ups. So many complex emotions going through his head and his face displays them perfectly! The song has a lot of tension between happiness and misery, and I love it.


    • I had never thought about Chena Ke Khat Main, and then I started hearing from so many people who listed it as their favorite! It’s crazy.

      On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 2:02 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I can’t decide between Channe Ke Khet Mein and Baarso Ke Baad. I love them both. The first is long and has great dances and it’s about rape, very 90. The latter is one of a kind , because I don’t know other song with a guy on a wheelchair and a woman who first seduces him, just to throw him in a pool later. My vote goes to Baarso Ke Baad


    • Yeah, I was gonna compare Barso Ke Baad with other Madhuri songs, and then I realized their really aren’t that many other Madhuri songs where it is just her being sexy.

      On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 2:24 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I am going with Channe Ke Khet Mein. I remember what a sensation it was when it came out. It was definitely the most famous song in the movie and is probably on the list of Madhuri’s most iconic songs. Many little girls who were Madhuri fans, including yours truly, tried to learn how to dance to it and sang along to it. And then you listen to the song as an adult and it is basically about sexual assault. OY! It’s one of those songs where I start singing along to it and then have to stop or actively force myself not to think about the lyrics. Yet, everything about that song is so appropriate for this movie! Clearly so much thought went into that song, its lyrics, how the director and choreographer wanted Madhuri to portray it.

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    • YES! It’s like the opening of Darr, the romantic fantasy we never think about, with the darkness embedded.

      On Wed, Sep 8, 2021 at 2:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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