Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Bang Bang! Woot Woot! 7:30am Chicago Time!

Happy Saturday! Fair warning, I got like 6 hours of sleep last night, so I’m gonna be a bit punchy. Also, I may be watching this movie without subs. It’s gonna be a FUN watchalong!

Bang Bang! It’s on Hulu, and also einthusan, and also it’s EXCELLENT. Super fun, super dumb, super happy.

At 7:30am Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all follow along from there!

446 thoughts on “Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Bang Bang! Woot Woot! 7:30am Chicago Time!

  1. I do think it is interesting that her anger is so extreme she doesn’t even notice where she is. THis was her dream, her computer screen, but she is too angry to notice. As she should be. He looked at her naked. CREEP!


        • I used to teach English in BErlin, and for one class we prepared a Thanksgiving dinner in a student’s apartment. And this one student, a BEAUTIFUL half Turkish woman in the fashion industry, had never touched food before. It was amazing, she just threw the potatoes in the pan. The potatoes didn’t care, but it was interesting. It was when animal faces on sweaters was a thing. I remember she was wearing this totally stupid pink cat face light sweater that my other fashion industry student assured me was awesome. A pink cat face throwing potatoes.


    • I just assume the sushi is never good anywhere it is landlocked. I am sure that is a misperception since you can fly stuff in nowadays, but I still can’t help it.


  2. Strong Opinion: Something is wrong with Kat’s Boob Support in this dress. She looks like she is hunching over all the time and he rback hurts.


  3. During the boring gambling scene, let’s talk abotu something important. What color should I paint my nails for Grandpa’s birthday party? Pink or red or orange?


  4. Gambling. It is something I don’t understand. People love it, they get addicted. We have a small casino in town and people have gone to jail because they embezzled from businesses to fuel their gambling addictions! But the casino wins. That is the plot. The casino pays for the healthcare for a WHOLE TRIBE. It has to win…


    • His father accidently “won” the lottery twice. It is implied that Hrithik made a deal to get them paid while he pretends to be dead and works secretly for the government.


    • They seem to live in the middle of nowhere so I guess if someone approaches their house, it is just assumed that it is a criminal? I don’t know. I stopped making sense of this movie a long time ago.


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