Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

Happy Friday! And Happy Shabana day! I am very nervous about this movie because I haven’t seen it before and what if it is SAD??? But even if it is sad, it still has Shashi, so that is HAPPY.

Fakira! It’s on Prime for a small rental fee, youtube with ads, and einthusan! Pick your poison, I will be on Prime myself.

Fakira (1976) - IMDb

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all comment along from there! Based on the poster, many of our comments will be fashion/grooming related.


418 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

    • That’s what they were training the pigeons to carry. Remember when Asrani was holding the pigeon not so long ago, and then they had to shy away because there was an explosion to their rightfrom the tiny, hand-rolled-cigarette-looking bomb that had been strapped on its foot? (No pigeons harmed, I presume.)

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  1. So Sashi saves his love and then her father blesses their union? I’m hungry so I want to figure out the ending without having to see it.


  2. Much like letting nawab-dressed guys into my shop, I think if I lived in a movie I would get used to checking every Dussehra effigy for kidnap victims prior to the festivities.


  3. This is a real “why don’t the bad guys just kill people?” kind of movie. They must spend a good 2/3rds of their time setting up elaborate one use only death traps.

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    • It is too cheerful of a movie to have the bad guys actually kill people in the body of the film! A lot of these bakwaas masalas kill off two or three characters in the prologue during the first minutes to give the heroes a motivation later on, but then proceed into have lighthearted, fairly bloodless main stretches.

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  4. Iftekhar: “Arrest that guy because he’s past the fence! Wait, arrest that guy because he’s a daku! No, never mind; *I’m* going to stand by the fence and try and rescue my daughter!” At which point, the policemen DO finally stop somebody, that somebody being Iftekhar.

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