Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

Happy Friday! And Happy Shabana day! I am very nervous about this movie because I haven’t seen it before and what if it is SAD??? But even if it is sad, it still has Shashi, so that is HAPPY.

Fakira! It’s on Prime for a small rental fee, youtube with ads, and einthusan! Pick your poison, I will be on Prime myself.

Fakira (1976) - IMDb

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all comment along from there! Based on the poster, many of our comments will be fashion/grooming related.

418 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

  1. There is an entire daku social structure postulated here. Evil dakus, civic-minded dakus, blue-collar dakus who just want a nice infrastructure in the neighborhood they steal from. . .

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  2. Did nobody in the 1970s know how to dive? Because every time I see somebody diving into water in a movie of this era, they bellyflop even though they’re usually only going from 3-5 feet above the water. I think I was a better diver than that as a six-year-old.


  3. Women’s fashion is often functionally ridiculous. But men too. Collars, giant collars, maybe once used to shade the neck, once. And Neckties? Men’s fashion is ridiculous.


    • Well, he did get kidnapped very shortly post-makeshift-wedding. I got the impression they were about to get down to business right as Madan Puri’s goons showed up.


        • LOL, the electric fence is not to pamper them c: With barbed-wire you usually have to do several strands (three-strand is most common for cattle), whereas with electric you only have to do one. The fenceposts can also be shorter–just metal rods instead of full-scale driven posts. That makes electric fencing more convenient for places that aren’t used to pasture cattle year-round. For example, you could plant a field, harvest it, and quickly whip up an electric fence to let the cattle graze on the stubble for much less time/labor/material cost than a barbed-wire fence, which is necessarily meant to be permanent or near-permanent.

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          • Where I live, in the desert, there isn’t enough water to plant fields. So no electric fences, but lots of used and unused old cattle fences.


      • Well, we have four-strand barbed wire on most of the ranch, and tubular steel in the chutes/corral. Do you ranch?! (My family actually mostly primarily raise goats, but cattle on a smaller scale, too.)


        • I live surrounded by it. Dogs are always getting ripped up by old barbed wire laying around the desert. Most of the Corals around here are wood, but some are tubular metal, silver, and narrower than that bedframe though! One of our closest friends grew up on a ranch in Arizona, I’ll ask him about his corrals (they have less trees there).


          • Ah, sure. I grew up in high desert with basically no tree cover; various members of my family ranch in northeast NM through the panhandle up to southwest OK.

            The cattle have honestly never given us any trouble with fencing, but the goats are another matter. We were once separating our buck off from the does at the end of the spring breeding season by putting him into a loafing shed with a little outdoor section fenced in with tubular steel panels. He decided to attack one of the panels head-first and, after eight or ten whacks, had bent it into a 45-degree angle O.o


        • I have a friend who had some goats for milk, and then just kept getting more and more and more and more and more and more and more goats. Eventually her family is going to have to move because of space. They basically are at the edge of a neighborhood on a lot that I’m not sure is a full acre, and they have too many goats. Or they’ll get divorced because of the goats. She sells her goats, but only to people who won’t eat them. Their lot has two houses on it, she rents one out as an Airbnb “goat house”. My sister likes it, she stays there with her family when they visit. On their last visit we got to see a goat give birth. The kids thought it was so cool, but I was honestly just worried about the additional goats now living on the property.


  4. Well, this movie is having it’s cake and eating it too with the whole “sneaking into the bedroom to have sex while her parents sleep next door, but it’s okay they are MARRIED”

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  5. There seems to be a whole little subgenre of people singing songs while disguised as holy men. This movie, “Hera Pheri,” “Shaan”. . .


    • I was literally here giggling loudly at Bum Bole but didn’t want to seem really juvenile by pointing that out. I am so happy someone else thought it was funny too!!!!


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