Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

Happy Friday! And Happy Shabana day! I am very nervous about this movie because I haven’t seen it before and what if it is SAD??? But even if it is sad, it still has Shashi, so that is HAPPY.

Fakira! It’s on Prime for a small rental fee, youtube with ads, and einthusan! Pick your poison, I will be on Prime myself.

Fakira (1976) - IMDb

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will all comment along from there! Based on the poster, many of our comments will be fashion/grooming related.

418 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Fakira! For Shabana! I Haven’t Seen It, So it Better Be Happy!!! Starting at 3pm Chicago Time

    • I mean, we still haven’t had them grow up and be separated yet. Which I am just assuming is going to happen once we get through this boring bit with a family living in poverty.


  1. That swirly purple-and-white shirt. . . canoodling under a sort of faux-leopard-print bedspread (much less the canoodling itself). . . real Villain-Signaling.


  2. I’m less than 5 minutes late, and yet I have NO IDEA what is going on. Usually you can skip 5 minutes and the plot is obvious. I guess not in the 70s.


  3. Guy tries to stand up for community, but the goondahs get back at him and the rest of the neighborhood blames him for the carnage. It’s kind of like Rani’s brother in “Ghulam.”

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  4. The older kid is the same poor child actor whom Jeevan (I think?) forced to drink alcohol as a child in “Suhaag”–resulting in him growing up to be addicted Amitabh.


  5. The injured mother is just laying in the middle of the town square, no friends or family to give her a bed? And the whole town ignores her.


    • It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this, but I thinnnnnnk Danny is the little one and Shashi is the one who stayed with the friend and that said friend is “Popat” (don’t know the actor name). Now wait for me to be proven incorrect in twenty minutes, lol!

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  6. IFTAKAR!!!!!!!! There’s one movie where he turns out to be the killer and it is the BEST twist because we have all gotten so used to him as Honest Cop.


    • I don’t know it! What movie??? Although I suppose the more honest method of experiencing the surprise would be to steadily watch movies with Iftekhar in them and then be taken aback by that one.


  7. Okay, so ASrani is the “funny” friend who isn’t a REAL brother. And Danny is still off somewhere unknown in the world.

    Do you think it will ever be pointed out that Danny and Shashi look dramatically different from each other?


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