Bhoot Police Review (SPOILERS): A Lot of Stuff Happens, But Nothing That Means Much

There’s really not much to spoil here. A lot happens, and yet I didn’t really care about any of it? And I suspect every viewer would feel the same way.

Whole plot:

Saif and Arjun are two sons of a ghost hunting priest who go around “fixing” fake hauntings, although Arjun believes there are real ghosts out there somewhere. They are hired by Yami Gautam to investigate a haunting at her tea estate, a haunting their father solved years ago. Yami’s sister Jackie wants them to give up and sell the estate instead of fighting the ghost. Saif is sure the ghost is fake, Arjun is sure it is real. To prove Arjun wrong, Saif finds where their father defeated the ghost and breaks the seals. The “real” ghost escapes at the same time Saif learns the fake ghost was Jackie’s servant, trying to convince Yami to sell the estate. The real ghost possesses Jackie just as Saif and Arjun realize they have actual exorcism powers. Turns out there are two ghosts, the ghost of a little girl and her mother killed by colonials. Saif and Arjun help them reunite and thereby solve the problem. Happy Ending.

Bhoot Police trailer: Saif Ali Khan, Arjun Kapoor are desi ghostbusters |  Entertainment News,The Indian Express

The basic idea here is kind of cool and could have made a fun short story, or short film. Two brothers, one a believer and one a non-believer. Two ghosts, one real and one fake. The brothers efforts to investigate the fake ghost accidentally awaken the unrelated “real” ghost, the skeptic brother turns out to have been seeing ghosts all along, the believer brother sees a lot less.

But there’s just not enough here to give us a strong narrative. There’s no “plot”, just a series of incidents that happen, and I don’t really care how it ends. None of the relationships help carry us through, there is a brother-brother thing at the center, and two sort of romances, but I just don’t care about any of them. And then the moment by moment amusements aren’t amusing enough to hold my attention.

The nice thing is, I’m not that frustrated because there wasn’t that much to suggest it COULD have been better. Saif and Arjun had a nice easy brother energy, but no moments that super sparked. Jackie opted for a totally over the top take on her character which was legitimately funny, but left no space for a real romance. Yani was frankly kind of boring, so I didn’t care about her. And there were a few good ideas, but they were “good”, not “great”. I didn’t have any “oh if only this was done better!” feeling. So I could just sit back and go “okay, this is a mediocre movie and I will enjoy it in a mediocre way”.


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