Nephew or Dog, ANSWERS!!!!

I was gonna just put up a comment with all the answers on the original post, but I thought this would be more fun. Original post here: A New Game! Nephew or Albie Dog???

Snuggling on the couch, suddenly leaps up and runs to the window and pulls himself up so he can see the fire truck driving by.

Dog! Don’t know why he is so excited about fire trucks, but he could hear it from looooong away. Nephew also loves fire trucks, but he doesn’t run to the window because he spends all day at the window supervising the neighborhood.

Taken for a playdate in the park, but distracted and more interested in digging, playing in leaf piles, finding sticks, etc.

Nephew! Dog is very social and friendly, nephew does not trust other living creatures (children, dogs, birds, squirrels, etc.) and prefers to focus on collecting sticks and organizing leaves.

Enjoys walks but has learned to recognize when he is close to home and suddenly stops dead and you have to keep encouraging him to keep moving.

Dog! Nephew, so far as I know, just goes in whatever direction he is pointed. Dog definitely knows when we are turning around to head home and goes on strike. Dumb dog. Home is good! Home is where food is!

Delighted to move into a new home where he finally gets his own room.

BOTH! Albie Dog looooooooooooooves his little Albie room with all his toys and blankies. And Nephew loooooooooooooooves his little baby room with all his toys and blankies. Both of them apparently hate their loving guardians and just want their own space.

Takes sudden unreasonable dislikes to random people

Nephew, obviously. Albie Dog loves and trusts all people. Nephew loves the mailman, the boy who mows the lawn, his parents, and anyone who drives a truck. He does NOT like the nice old lady who waves hello who lives down the street.

Loves Zoom calls

Nephew! Because he can see himself in the little video, and he can hit the big red button to hang up. And I am trying VERY hard not to be egotistical about this, but he also occasionally demands “Call Auntie” as an activity.

Hates Zoom Calls

Albie Dog. There are people talking and I am talking to them and they AREN’T REAL!!!! It drives him insane.


5 thoughts on “Nephew or Dog, ANSWERS!!!!

  1. There just seems to be something about that big red button that kids love. Our Big Boy will get very upset if someone has hung up before he could.


    • Yes! I have had to call back just because Nephew didn’t get to do the hang up. I have also gotten hung up on many many times because he can’t resist the button.

      On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 4:50 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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