Friday WatchAlong: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! For Shahrukh Month and COATS!!!! 3pm Chicago Time

Happy Friday! I have SUCH a busy day today, everything from getting a skin cancer full body check from a dermatologist (I’m just being pro-active, nothing to worry about. But be proud of me!), to buying boots, to returning a $10 item to Best Buy that is going to take me over an hour to drive there and back. But TEN DOLLARS! Anyway, wait for my “And Play” comment this week, just in case I am running a little late.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! Yes, it is terribly flawed, we can spend the whole time talking about how we would fix it and admiring costumes. It’s on Netflix, at 3pm Chicago time I will say “And PLAY” and we will all watch along from there!


264 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna! For Shahrukh Month and COATS!!!! 3pm Chicago Time

  1. IF IT MAKES YOU SO MISERABLE, JUST DON’T HAVE SEX!!!!! This is my attitude for this whole section. Also, what a waste of money, if you just need a place to have sex, their are cheaper hotels.

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  2. I was explaining my true feelings about this movie to the 9 year old, and he wonders if there is anyone in India for whom this is their FAVORITE movie?


  3. Spouse is amazed they make Bollywood movies in New York. I’m explaining it is a fantasy New York with big apartments and only rich people, but he points out all American movies in New York are also fantasies.


  4. Rani’s foundation is perfect, the tears don’t leave any marks. I’m having an issue with foundation, so I really wish I had her make-up artists’ knowledge.


  5. WE did it! We finished the whole thing!!!! I am proud of us. I am going to go either do a puzzle or make bread. Something screenless. Oh, and walk the dog.


      • I don’t think so? Despite how it was marketed to me, there were honestly only a few jackets/coats I really loved in this movie. Kirron had that one, and then Rani’s short brown one liked very cozy.


        • I own a fake fur collar jacket. I call it my HO COAT, which is not politically correct. And while it still hangs in my closet I haven’t worn it in 17 years. Thus I admit a fondness for all those ugly coats.


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