Friday WatchAlong: Shahrukh Month! Don 2 for Kunal Kapoor’s Birthday? Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Because We Love It? Something Else?

Time to pick our SRK movie for the week! And also our watch time! We’ve done Friday afternoon the past few weeks, and I kind of want to do Saturday morning this week. What do you think?

This week is both Kunal Kapoor and Om Puri’s birthday, which feels like we HAVE to watch Don 2. But I don’t want to lock us in if there is something else better out there!

Don 2 (2011) - IMDb

It’s also Halloween time still, so there’s KKHH for the ghost?

KKHH Filming Locations | Where was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Shot? - Awara Diaries

Or Chennai Express because it has a ghost joke and is so happy?

Chennai Express : Lesser Known Facts

Or One 2 Ka 4 just because it is so stupid and Jackie Shroff is always fun?

Is 'One 2 Ka 4' on Netflix? Where to Watch the Movie -

Or literally ANYTHING else SRK?


10 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Shahrukh Month! Don 2 for Kunal Kapoor’s Birthday? Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Because We Love It? Something Else?

  1. I would be up for ALL of these movies!!! Have we ever seen One 2 Ka 4? I think we have seen the rest of the movies, right? I am still sick and foggy so I may be remembering it incorrectly. I would be up for Friday but would it be at all possible to move the time? No worries if you can’t. I will just be late. Saturday, of course, works for me.

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    • I think we have seen all the other movies too. Maybe not Don 2, but definitely the others.

      And yes Saturday morning! We haven’t done a Saturday in AGES, we are over do.

      Also, there are now two Little Things posts and you promised to comment and you HAVEN’T.

      On Tue, Oct 19, 2021 at 10:19 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I am pretty sure we have watched Don 2 because I remember commenting on SRK’s hair, Hrithik, and the SRK-PC chemistry. But it has been a while. And I could always watch that over and over again. But I can say that about all the movies for this week.

        Sorry I haven’t had a chance to comment on Little Things. I promise to comment and I definitely have stuff to say, but my head is SO FOGGY and I am so miserable and busy that I need some downtime to gather my thoughts. Not being able to take meds and not being able to take days off while sick and pregnant SUCKS! Okay I am done whining.

        Also, in case it wasn’t clear, I am SO excited about this week’s choices for the watchalong!


        • I don’t know, I think being sick and pregnant and not able to take aspirin is a TERRIBLE excuse!!!! Buck up! Walk it off!

          But since you are pregnant and all that, I am glad you are excited about this week’s choices! We’ll wait and see what other people vote for 🙂


  2. Well on Saturdays I can watch the WHOLE movie, start to finish, so those are always my preference. I know we have done DON 2 and KKHH – so One 2 Ka 4 gets my vote (but maybe I just don’t remember group watching it before), But I’m cool with any of the choices. Next weekend I’m out for another wedding, so I gotta make the most of this week!


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