Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: If You Could Share One Trait from SRK, What Would You Want?

I don’t want to say “take”, because that seems so mean. But if there was one aspect of SRK that could be duplicated and given to you without taking from him, what would you want?

I would want his energy. Not the manic energy, or the insomnia, but that “yes, I want to do this!” feeling of digging in and learning a dance number, or memorizing a script, or traveling around the world doing shows. Wouldn’t that be amazing? To be able to arrive somewhere and say “YES! Let’s do this thing!” and then just keep going until it was done, and afterwards moving on and doing something else.

How about you? Intelligence, wit, charm, sexiness, nose? What would you like to have as well?


7 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: If You Could Share One Trait from SRK, What Would You Want?

    • Ooo. I would to, if I were a boy. I guess, I want the female version of his wardrobe (perfectly fitted jeans and t-shirts, perfectly cut suits, occasional stunning multi-colored traditional wear).


  1. I saw your post title, and immediately thought ENERGY! I want his energy. But then I read your post and saw you wanted that too, of course! So I didn’t post anything because I had nothing to say. But now I see this post deserves more comments. So I’m writing, I’m with you, I want his energy!

    Okay here is the longer story that made me think maybe I had a little to say, but it is more about my desire for Energy than SRK. I subbed at the Forest Preschool today and got to pick an animal card and the card I picked was turtle. And the founder of the Preschool believes in the cards, in that they actually tell you something about yourself or your state. And you get a new animal every year. Normally I think of this as woo woo hogwash, Except that when I first met her, when my now 9-year-old was just three and and my now 6-year-old was two months old and she was just thinking about actually starting the preschool in our area, she had me pull a card. And I pulled the Turkey (not a sexy card), and my now 9-year-old frowned so I said “(Name he won’t let me share), that’s the biggest bird in North America!” and she, the founder, has liked me ever since and let me parent volunteer because we couldn’t afford the cost. So God Bless the Animal cards!

    And today I picked the Turtle. And I feel like a turtle. My close friend is angry at me for essentially being myself. My community is in shambles with the 7th highest COVID rate in the nation. The awesome family that just moved in next door with the 7 & 4 year old that my kids play with constantly, their kids are sick. My beloved neighbor in his sixties across the street is sick. I’ve been sick (but not COVID, I tested). And I want to hide. So I feel like a turtle and wish I didn’t. But yet, I suspect even SRK might feel like a turtle right now.


    • The nice thing about being a turtle is you always have your home with you. And so long as you’ve got your boys and your husband, you do have that safe little pack holding it all together.

      Which, no duh, is why you are so upset about SRK having his son ripped out of safety. This is one of those times I am glad not to be a mother because I feel things so much less.


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