Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to in the Middle of Shahrukh Month???

Happy Wednesday! It is Wednesday, right? Yeah, it is. Strange week for me, one of those weeks where I keep forgetting what day it is.

I’ll start!

Reading: Not a heck of a lot. But I am considering re-reading Dracula. I loooooooooooooooooooooove Dracula and I used to read it every October, but I haven’t for a few years.

Watching: Little Things, which is still brilliant. And Only Murders in the Building which is newly brilliant. Y’all should be watching them too! And commenting!

Thinking: We have heat! I called a professional to come look at our terrifying boiler, and he said it was in great shape, turned on the power switch, and poof! Heat! I am so proud of us as home owners. Just in time for really cold weather this weekend.

Listening: After it was used in Little Things, now this song is going through my head.

Okay, SRK question for you! In honor of Shammi’s birthday this week, What is Shahrukh’s best Dance Performance, do you think?

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to in the Middle of Shahrukh Month???

  1. Shoot, I forgot to put my own choice for “best dance performance”!!! It’s a tricky question, because on the one hand Young SRK had so much more flexibility and stuff, but Old SRK has so much more dance practice and skill.

    I think for Young SRK I’m gonna go for “Ishq Kameena”, just so energetic!

    And for Older SRK, I’m gonna go for “Chammok Challo”


    • Those two videos really highlight how SRK has become a better , if a less jumpy, dancer now. Of course not being surrounded by back-up dancers who are better than you, or co-dancing with one of the best dancers in the industry helps.


  2. Reading: I finished reading The Professor and the housekeeper which was a wonderful read in so many ways. Now I’m almost scared of reading something new but I think I’ll start The Master and the Margarita however I do want to read something light so I don’t know whether this will be too heavy.

    Watching: I’m watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai which for some bizarre reason I stopped and should really finish. I’m also planning to watch Chennai Express as it’s been a long time since I’ve watched it but it’s so fun and exactly what I need.

    Thinking: I need a new organisation system as I’m just catching up on everything I’ve missed and it’s way too much work. Everything is so messy in my house so I feel really horrible and I probably need to change that.

    Listening: Dard-E-Disco as I love the song for purely shallow reasons and it’s also so so funny. He’s doing an item song about heartbreak. It’s just the best

    My favourite SRK dance performance has to be cute young SRK in Baazigar:


    • Yes! Dard-E-Disco is SO funny!!!

      I am enjoying still being in the “moving/organizing” zone. I don’t have to think about long term systems for staying on top of housework, I can just stick with short term problem solving for a little bit longer.


  3. I watched some good movies last week, and maybe I shouldn’t say it but I didn’t like them. I really have terrible taste in movies.
    I saw Phantom Thread and yes, it’s beautifully made (so still and clean) and actors are terrific but I hated the story.
    I watched half of Before Sunrise and so far I think it’s just boring european version of DDLJ.

    And today I watched Sardar Udham. I read the reviews and everybody praised the last 40 minutes of the movie saying it’s one of the best made scenes and stuff, so I decided to watch it. The cinematography is amazing. Vicky is very, very good. And the movie is good, but also so boring! It’s 2 hours 40 minutes long. The last 30-40 minutes is Jallianwala Bagh massacre, and the first 2 hours is just taciturn Vicky going here and there, or being in prison. I learn nothing about him in those long 2 hours. I know I’m not a target audience, but I wish they show more of what kind of person he was.


  4. I’m also considering rereading Dracula, having just listened to this which reminded me how actually not the best but also very, very fun it is and also how scary and weird Dracula is as an actual character, which I always forget when watching Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee ham around in capes:

    Tis the season!


  5. I just wanted to say that I’ve been going through all your Shahrukh month posts and reading comments, but I am not able to bring myself to engage with them because of the events unfolding around him 😦 I feel bad deriving joy from his reel life when he’s going through such a tough time in real-life. I know it’s silly but until things get sorted out (so hope it happens before his birthday), I’ll stay away. Hope you understand!


  6. I thought y’all would enjoy this story about SRK that Chinmayi posted about on twitter, it was very sweet!


  7. I think my answer to your question is Ruk Ja O Dil Deewana. He’s just so fun in it!

    I happened to watch Most Eligible Bachelor last weekend and it was so bad that it was funny. One of the more cringier Telugu movies I’ve seen recently and Akhil can’t act either. The only good part about the movie is that Pooja Hegde is pretty and the songs are pretty good.

    I also watched this lower budget movie called Raja Raja Chora starring Sree Vishnu that I really enjoyed. It reminded me of Brochevarevarura in a way but not as well made.


    • Ruk Ja is so FUN! He’s not the best dancer in that, but he is the most energetic dancer. And seems to be having just a GREAT time.

      On Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 9:59 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Even I really liked the movie. The team of both the movies is kinda same so that explains why both of them deal with people who are not all good or all bad. Ravi Babu after long got a good role. Main highlight for me in the film is Gangavva and her stories.


    • Oooo, that explains why the songs suddenly popped up in full on youtube!

      On Thu, Oct 21, 2021 at 10:32 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  8. I just finished reading Half-girlfriend. I rarely say that but the movie is better than the book.
    More than half of the book is a mix of those few sentences:
    -She/ He was wearing..
    -We ordered…
    – I don’t speak english
    – Bihar is poor
    – Girls / Rich people / White pople are strange

    The things I didn’t like:
    The hero doesn’t have the charm Arjun has on screen, and he is also very pushy.
    Hero’s mother has much more space in the book, and she is even more insupportable.
    Heroine’s story is more tragic and it makes hero’s intrusiveness worse.
    The sex scene I love so much in the movie is cringy in the book

    The things I liked:
    There are some romantic kisses we don’t have in the movie
    Riya’s diaries – I loved that Madhav learnt about Riya’s past from her diaries but I didn’t liked that it was Chetan Bhagat himself who made him read it
    I learn about Litti Chokha and can’t wait to cook it, because it looks delicious.


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