Little Things Review/Discussion Space: Season 4 Episodes 5 and 6

Oh I am getting nervous. And also, confused. I think I figured things out by the end of episode 6, but maybe not? Help!

Episode 5: The Best Laid Plans

This is an unexpected twist! Which is the point, stuff happens you can’t plan on, and it happens more and more as you get older. Kavya and Dhruv are moving back in together, in the same building but a different unit, in Bombay. Kavya is offered her dream job, playing hard ball with her boss worked. And Dhruv is getting ready to start his new position. There are problems, but problems they sort of anticipated. As they move and unpack, they are both constantly interrupted by phone calls about work and family, stuff they can’t ignore. But it’s okay, Dhruv is slowly trying to build a relationship again with his father, Kavya is trying to get the work-life balance she wants, expected challenges. And then Dhruv is upset when he opens a box that was damaged in shipping, his hand flies up and hits Kavya’s face and scratches her eye, he takes her to the eye doctor who notices her foot keeps falling asleep and recommends a spine specialist upstairs, and the spine specialist tells her she has to go on bedrest for a pinched nerve, they call Dhruv’s relative who is also a doctor and he agrees. Now Kavya is looking at losing her dream job and going on bedrest for 2 months just when her life is supposed to be starting up again.

Before everything goes wrong, they were talking about marriage as a “free upgrade”. Which is how I think of it as well, as described in a post inspired by this very show! If you are living together and sharing your life already, if you are at the point in a relationship where Dhruv and Kavya are, getting married means it is easier to get loans, to find a house, to deal with family, all kinds of things you are doing already. So, why not?

And then Kavya’s life implodes unexpectedly and we see that “free upgrade” in action without the two characters realizing it. Dhruv calls a relative for advice. Dhruv takes her to the doctor and is a sounding board for her. Earlier, Kavya is hit by Dhruv by accident when he is opening a box in a sudden rush of anger. And it’s not a “thing”, it doesn’t turn into a big fight or anything, their relationship is such that Dhruv can do something that was clearly unintentional and accidental and it doesn’t have to be discussed, they just deal with it and move on. They are already married, this is what marriage is, acting as partners, calmly handling things, not sweating the small stuff.

Episode 6: What Was Up With the Two Conversations?

At the end of the episode, Kavya and Dhruv have both had horrible days and they turn into a big snapping ugly fight at each other. And then suddenly we jump back to the start and instead of fighting, they have a supportive conversation. What was that??? Was that just showing how you make a choice every time to be loving and helpful instead of hateful and cruel? Or was it showing how they have matured past their earlier fights? Was the first version the “real” one and the second the one they wished had happened, or was the first version the one that ran through their minds and they corrected themselves? I DON’T KNOW! HELP ME!!!

In other news, the back storyline with Kavya continues to be a really interesting new direction. Now, suddenly, Kavya is home bound and has lost her energy and drive. At the same time that Dhruv is dealing with new hard stresses at work. Dhruv has to be middle-management for the first time, make decisions for his team and share bad news with those both above and below him. He turns into a grumpy man who comes home from work and barely smiles at Kavya. And Kavya is stuck trying to find a maid, and having tea with the stay at home neighbor. Kavya has been pushing for a surgical solution from the start, and now after 3 weeks of trying bedrest, she finds a doctor who is ready to do it. She goes to Dhruv to tell him this is what she wants to do right after Dhruv has found out there is a funding delay and his team will have to go without pay for 3 months. They have a MASSIVE fight as they both spill stress on each other. And then it shifts back to the beginning of the conversation, and this time Kavya shares how she just knows this is the right decision for her, she feels stuck in place and hates it, nothing is working, she wants surgery. And Dhruv shares how he is struggling with getting used to running a team, and running a team in India where there are so many things he never thought about that become issues (like, train times).

I hope the second version is the real one. It feels more in sync with this season, where everything is just easier for them as a couple. They are committed, for sure, and it makes their fights less emotional on each other. And in sync with the deadline that is looming, they are encouraging both sets of parents to visit their new apartment at the same time, which all 6 people know is a sign that Dhruv and Kavya are ready to talk marriage. Will that happen before Kavya’s surgery? After it? Will Dhruv’s work be in a good place by then? And what will happen when they bring up marriage to their family?

Also, what about that “Kavya doesn’t want kids” bombshell that I kept sensing in the first couple episodes?


5 thoughts on “Little Things Review/Discussion Space: Season 4 Episodes 5 and 6

  1. I was surprised that Dhruv accidently hitting her didn’t turn into a whole fight. I feel like it would have become a thing in the past but now they’ve sort of grown past it like you said.

    I was under the impression that the second version is the real one and the first version is an example of how they probably would have reacted and escalated in the past.


    • I hope the second version is correct too! And the Dhruv hitting her, I could see a whole fight about him caring more about the stuff than her, just like with taking all those phone calls while moving in, and so on. But instead of fighting about stuff like that, they are looking at “wait, what do we do about a medical crisis? Or difficult relationships with our parents?”

      On Tue, Oct 26, 2021 at 1:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, exactly! I was totally getting ready for a fight about how Dhruv was so mad about the stuff more and taking her injury lightly at first.


  2. Episode 5 so much bad stuff happens that I stopped in the middle and went and watched something else. The fight was at the end of that episode, which I saw after coming back. There is a moment in version two of the scene when Kavya says “I really thought you would fight with me”. I took that to mean version one was the scene she imagined would happen when she told him about her decision, but then he was lovely and supportive instead. It was a nice turning point to lead around full circle to the peaceful rooftop scene that started the episode.

    Episode 6 was so happy and joyful! Such a pleasure to watch, just everyone being kind and caring towards one another. The combination of the parents is funny but also unexpectedly wonderful. I wanted to be at the party, looking beautiful and hanging out. And then that engagement scene! That is officially my new favorite. She presented him with her own ring! It’s perfect, especially for them. She’s asking him and saying yes to him all at once, and he’s accepting her and sealing the deal by slipping it on her finger. Nice kiss, saucy gesture, a private moment with just the two of them but with all their closest humans on the other side of the door. Perfect.


    • I love Kavya’s back as the big issue of this part of the season because it is such a tough partnership moment. She could be making bad decisions, but it is her body. It is her decision, ultimately, and Dhruv has to support her. Yes, help her find doctors, yes talk things over with her, but when she says “this is what I want to do”, you can’t argue, even if you think it is stupid. A really hard relationship lesson to learn!

      On Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 11:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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