Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Karan-Arjun! 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

Happy Saturday! I hope I can make this work. Einthusan is always so tricky. Oh well, I can just watch on my phone if I have to.

Karan-Arjun! The Salman-Shahrukh movie that is also maybe slightly homoerotic! And is only available on Einthusan so watching it is gonna be real sucky!

At 7:30am Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we will comment along from there!


253 thoughts on “Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Karan-Arjun! 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

  1. I think that one of the things that makes me like this movie so much is how thoroughly the villagers get involved in this fight. There are so many daaku movies, etc. that are also about an embattled village, but most people just kind of let the lead actors do the work and don’t lift a finger to help. These villagers maybe don’t take such risks as the main characters (which is fine), but they will sure throw a pot at a goonda!

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  2. This was so so so good. Margaret – thank you again for indulging us! Shemolit – Thank you for waking up early and providing such insightful comments from observations on SRK’s butt to parallels and analogies to old bollywood movies.

    This was a perfect start to the day!


  3. This was so lovely and so delightfully weird! I still have many questions about the movie (#1: where are the police??? We’ve established that they exist, so where are they during this huge fight? Also, what is the point of Mamta? I kinda get why Kajol is important to the plot, but Mamta just seems to be just…there), but I am taking a lot of this movie on faith. Which seems to be super needed 😂

    Also, how were Suraj’s last words not “what a joke”??

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