Shahrukh Month/Halloween Post: What is SRK’s Scariest Movie????

Obviously the best SRK Halloween movie is Paheli. That’s not even a question. But what is his scariest movie? His “I have to watch it with the lights on” movie?

I’ll give you my two!


Shahrukh’s unhinged sad little boy who just keeps going and seems unkillable and unqualable, that’s SCARY!!! And not just him of course, Juhi’s family not believing her is just as scary.


Speaking of unhinged sad little boys! That kind of passion is terrifying, and that kind of anger in response is terrifying too. Spooky spooky movie.

What are your picks?


8 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month/Halloween Post: What is SRK’s Scariest Movie????

  1. Darr, definitely. Not only is sad little nutcase Shahrukh frightening but Sunny Deol and his incipient sadism is horrible. What good guy pretends to be a dead man, falling out of his girlfriend’s closet just to scare her? Or sneaking up on her when she’s alone, swimming, and pulls her under? And he knew that she was having problems. At least with Shahrukh you knew you were getting trouble. And, when you consider that Sunny killed his superior’s son, his career was probably in tatters, His future did not bode well.. Poor Juhi just couldn’t catch a break.


  2. I think SRK’s scariest movie is Zero…think about it from Anushka’s perspective…your crazy ex (who got you pregnant and dumped you at the alter)…starts harassing you in your workplace and is actively sabotaging your mars mission and your new relationship —- all to please his ego. Now that’s a scary story!!


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